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    Final four: Euan, Graham, Eamon, Reid - seeking input!

    We are closing in on baby #2's name and need your help. We're at a standstill and would love to gather some open and honest feedback from the Nameberry-ites. It's currently a tie across all four names... and we're 5 weeks away from our due date. Here are the names in no particular order...

    Euan: A friend suggested the "Ewan" spelling but that seems weirder to me for some reason... seems like you'd say "E-WAN" (think Ewoks), even if it is the way Ewan McGregor spells it. If you like this one best also let us know about spelling preference (and totally feel free to disagree with me!).




    This little guy will be baby brother to Willa. We have a single syllable last name that starts and ends with a consonant.

    What do you think? What's your top pick? Top two? Did you select one of these names for your kids?

    Your feedback = greatly appreciated!

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    Congrats! How exciting! From your list, with sister Willa I'd choose Graham or Reid.
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    I like Euan best with Willa. I actually like that the names are almost the same length.
    Usually I prefer Ewan over Euan but in your case the u spelling is more intriguing as you won’t be repeating the w in both of your kids. (I thin it allows for a little more flexibility when it comes to naming a potential #3 if you don’t feel like the W has turned into a theme).
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    I like all of your names so this is a tough one. Therefore, I'm gonig to choose the names based on how each one sounds and looks with Willa.

    1 Graham - I don't know why but I think this is the best "match" for a sibling to Willa
    2 Reid - strong and masculine
    3 Ewan - I prefer this spelling like Mr. Macgregor.
    4 Eamon - I love this form of Edmund but it sounds a bit weak next to Willa.
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    Thanks so much for the feedback curlyjedi, lexiem & mischa! Keep it coming.

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