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    Rank these 1 to 10

    List these in order, 1 being your favourite and 10 your least favourite

    1. Danielle
    2. Astra
    3. Imogen
    4. Victoria
    5. Paris
    6. Evie
    7. Riley
    8. Autumn
    9. Annalise
    10. Hayden
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    3.Annalise (Though I prefer the Anneliese spelling)
    5.Astra (never heard of this before, but its striking)
    6.Evie (a little too nickname-y...but really cute)
    10.Paris (Unfortunately I can't get past the Paris Hilton association so it seems like a "trashy" name to me).

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    1. Autumn
    2. Victoria
    3. Annalise
    4. Hayden
    5. Riley
    6. Evie
    7. Paris
    8. Astra
    9. Danielle
    10. Imogen

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    1. Autumn
    2. Evie
    3. Paris
    4. Annalise
    5. Danielle
    6. Astra
    7. Hayden
    8. Victoria
    9. Riley
    10. Imogen

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    None of these names are really 'my style' but here I go..
    1. Imogen
    2. Astra
    3. Autumn
    4. Annalise
    5. Victoria
    6. Paris
    7. Riley
    8. Danielle
    9. Evie
    10. Hayden
    I quite like the name Astra, I haven't heard it before and it reminds me of a starry night but I think having 'ass' at the beginning of a child's name isn't the best idea lol. Autumn is okay, again not really my style but probably better than the others, I absolutely hate the name Evie for some reason but I cannot stand boys names on girls. If Hayden Panettiere wasn't so gorgeous I wouldn't even consider the name. Paris and Victoria seem rather trashy to me and again with Riley I don't like unisex names. I have been mistaken for 'Danielle' so many times it isn't funny..I now hate that name (mine is Darlene..thanks mum -.- ) I also like Annalise except I would spell it Anneliese or Annaliese.
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