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Thread: Frost

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    We are pretty set on a name but I'm always looking, so my husband decided he would look too (37 weeks in). He stumbled upon Frost and is now pushing for it. It's not really an contender in my eyes though I think it's interesting and am just looking to see others initial thoughts...

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    Brings to mind Robert Frost and the road less traveled, kind of goes along with the name. Strong and spunky I like it

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    I think Frost is cool, like pp said it reminiscent of Robert Frost. Though personally I would use it as a cool middle, up front it sounds a bit chilly.
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    I think Frost has a negative connotation. Examples: 1) The late spring frost killed the orange trees. 2) He gave me a frosty look. (Can you tell I don't like the cold?)

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    like the snowman.

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    Should definitely only be used in the middle spot, IMO.

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    I would prefer Frost in the middle spot, but it does have a strong sound that could work up front. The literal connotation could swing either way (depending on if you like references to winter).

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    I like Frost. I hadn't even thought of the Robert Frost connection, but that is a pretty good one! I had always thought of a winter's frost, or Jack Frost. Then again, I had considered using it for the Christmas ties with my sister and I, since we both have Christmas names. I had seriously considered Declan Ezra Frost (still may be--I'm not sure where I stand with my second middle on Declan, honestly...). I think it makes a cool middle, but I wouldn't use it up front.

    Good luck!
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    Oo, I like it!! I have this thing for short, spunky, word names...
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    I love Frost! Particularly in the middle name spot to honour my favourite poet, you guess it, Robert Frost! He has some incredible work and I have been dreaming about Ronan Michael Frost for quite some time now.
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