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  • Lucas

    32 45.71%
  • Harrison

    27 38.57%
  • Mason

    4 5.71%
  • Jack

    23 32.86%
  • Christopher

    19 27.14%
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    Hubby finalllly gave me some boy names...Wdyt?

    William Robert will be our first boy...

    Hubby has finally given me some boy names besides that one that he likes...Wdyt of these? Do they go with William Robert? Combos? Middle name suggestions? Last name starts w L, 4 syll, ends like -bardi. Other suggestions welcome! We both also like Landon (Landon Charles?) but a friend used it, and we think it may clash with our last name...

    Ones I <3 from his list

    He also said he kind of likes Lucas James (one from my list)

    Ones I don't care for as much that he suggested
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    Such sweet and classic choices, but some with spunk too! I love Harrison, and imo Harrison James or Harrison Lucas sound lovely as mn combos. Although it your last name begins with L, a Harrison Lucas L's initials could be unfortunate on the school yards. I see "Jack Harrison" in your list of favorites, which is very sweet as well. Best of luck, you're sure to choose what'll fit him best .

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    With William Robert I really like Jack Charles, but any of the names work just fine. You could also possibly use one of the names he likes but you're not crazy about as a middle. I like Christopher Adam especially with William Robert.
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    I love Christopher Jack, and a nickname could always be CJ
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    Christopher, Harrison and Jack would all work with a brother William and James is always a solid mn choice. I particularly like Harrison with Charles- Harrison Charles.
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    I know a lot of Jacks, Lucases, and Masons... so I'd lean towards Harrison. My #2 would be Christopher.

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    I'm confused... You say his name is going to be William Robert? Just trying to understand the question :-)

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    I love the suggestions of Jack Charles, Christopher Jack, Harrison James, Harrison Charles....would love more feedback

    I also like Harrison Lucas(but worry a little bit about the initials HLL)

    @studiotilly this is all hypothetical I am just collecting names for a potential brother for William Robert(which is the name we will use for a first son)

    My fave options as of now are probably Jack and Harrison....

    Hubby really loves Mason may I ask why no one has said much about this name?
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    I like Harrison and Jack out of those options.

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    Jack and Christopher are both fine names.
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