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    Red face Thoughts on these Name Combos

    So I've compiled my favorite combos for girls' names. Tell me what you think about these names honestly. I'm very open to comments and suggestions.

    Faline Lea
    Violet Ruth
    Vera Margery
    Iris Everly
    Celeste Lucia
    Audrey Christina
    Juliette Augusta
    Poppy Ramona
    Gwendolyn Sabrina
    Laura Veronica
    Quinn Marguerite
    Paloma Mirabelle
    Sylvia Belle
    Matilda Jane
    Wilhelmina Claire
    Ramona Caroline
    Tabitha Louise
    Adriana Celeste
    Olivia Cerise
    Helena Matisse
    Lillian Aviva
    Audrey Paloma
    Tabitha Sylvie

    Too much? ) I might post the boy names next time.
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    Faline Lea - first thought was praline, than falling. Not a huge fan.
    Violet Ruth - pretty & classic, though Ruth always has sounded a bit harsh to me.
    Vera Margery - Margery reminds me of margarine and so I can't get behind the name. Vera is quite pretty.
    Iris Everly - very girly and pretty
    Celeste Lucia - not a huge fan
    Audrey Christina - not a huge fan
    Juliette Augusta - prefer the spelling Juliet, Juliette just seems a bit fussy unless you are actually French. However a very pretty name
    Poppy Ramona - adore Poppy and it works perfectly with Ramona
    Gwendolyn Sabrina - not a huge fan of either of these names but they work well together
    Laura Veronica - seems very dated and I really dislike both of the names
    Quinn Marguerite - it isn't my usual style but I think it is very pretty
    Paloma Mirabelle - adore Paloma! Combined with Mirabelle it is very girly and pretty
    Sylvia Belle - also very very girly and pretty
    Matilda Jane - this name is amazing! Adore Matilda and Jane and this feels classic, simple & stylish
    Wilhelmina Claire - Love the nickname Minnie
    Ramona Caroline - not a huge fan of Ramona
    Tabitha Louise - it's nice but you have some much better choices
    Adriana Celeste - NMS
    Olivia Cerise - dislike Olivia
    Helena Matisse - not a fan
    Lillian Aviva - prefer Lily on it's own, Aviva is pretty cool!
    Audrey Paloma - love!
    Tabitha Sylvie - really good Tabitha combo!

    My favorites are Poppy Ramona, Quinn Marguerite, Juliet Augusta, Matilda Jane, Sylvie Belle, Audrey Paloma & Tabitha Sylvie

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    Faline Lea - Both names are pretty, but the 'l' makes it too hard to say. Say it out loud and you'll see.
    Violet Ruth - Gorgeous, I love this one.
    Vera Margery - The mn seems silly to me especially because it doesn't match Vera at all.
    Iris Everly - I think both names waver to the 'edgy' side.
    Celeste Lucia - Again, two beautiful names but with too similar of sounds. Faline Lucia, Iris Lea, Celeste Faline - this works much better!
    Audrey Christina - I love it
    Juliette Augusta - Another beautiful combo
    Poppy Ramona - I actually adore this
    Gwendolyn Sabrina - I'm not a fan of either name
    Laura Veronica - The ending emphasis on 'a' makes this awkward. Might I suggest Lauren Veronica? Or Veronica Lauren.
    Quinn Marguerite - Quinn screams boy to me.
    Paloma Mirabelle - I like this
    Sylvia Belle - This isn't my style but has a nice flow
    Matilda Jane - same as above
    Wilhelmina Claire - I wouldn't like such a guttural name as my first name, tbh
    Ramona Caroline - This might be my favorite on your list
    Tabitha Louise - Also nice
    Adriana Celeste - This is a great Celeste combo!
    Olivia Cerise - Nice
    Helena Matisse - I think this is stunning
    Lillian Aviva - Too much 'ah'
    Audrey Paloma - Nice flow
    Tabitha Sylvie - pretty
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    Faline Lea - lovely, 4
    Violet Ruth - OK, 3
    Vera Margery - love Margery, 4
    Iris Everly - OK, 3
    Celeste Lucia - lovely, 3
    Audrey Christina - OK, 3
    Juliette Augusta - boring, 3
    Poppy Ramona - lovely, 4
    Gwendolyn Sabrina - OK, 3
    Laura Veronica - bit ugly, but OK, 2
    Quinn Marguerite - OK, 3
    Paloma Mirabelle - love this, 5
    Sylvia Belle - nice, 4
    Matilda Jane - old lady, 2
    Wilhelmina Claire - OK, 2
    Ramona Caroline - OK, 3
    Tabitha Louise - bit ugly, but OK, 2
    Adriana Celeste - very magical, 4
    Olivia Cerise - like this, 4
    Helena Matisse - like this, 4
    Lillian Aviva - OK, 4
    Audrey Paloma - OK, 4
    Tabitha Sylvie - OK, 4

    1- worst, 5 - best
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    Faline Lea - Faline is unusual, I find this hard to say though with the 'l's
    Violet Ruth - I love this one, Violet is very pretty and Ruth is great in the middle
    Vera Margery - The flow isn't great, Margery is a bit too close to Margarine for me
    Iris Everly - Iris I love, Everly sounds quite trendy and is nms, as a combo it is quite pretty
    Celeste Lucia - for me Lucia Celeste sounds better, both are lovely names
    Audrey Christina - I strongly dislike Audrey but as a combo they go well together, Christina is pretty
    Juliette Augusta - I like this one it's very pretty, though I prefer the spelling Juliet
    Poppy Ramona - very cute, I really like Ramona
    Gwendolyn Sabrina - it's ok, Sabrina is nms and I prefer Gwendolen but it sounds nice
    Laura Veronica - these really work well together, I like Laura but Veronica not so much
    Quinn Marguerite - Marguerite works well in the middle but Quinn I dislike, Juliet Marguerite? Iris Marguerite?
    Paloma Mirabelle - I really like Paloma but Mirabelle is overly frilly
    Sylvia Belle - nms but very girly and flows well
    Matilda Jane - I love Matilda and this flows well but Jane seems a bit plain. Matilda Claire? Matilda Ruth?
    Wilhelmina Claire - I like Claire but I really dislike Whilhelmina, they work well together though
    Ramona Caroline - I really like this one
    Tabitha Louise - when I hear Tabitha I can only think of cats and can't take it seriously as a name, Louise is quite pretty
    Adriana Celeste - Adriana is nms but sounds nice with Celeste
    Olivia Cerise - the popularity of Olivia is balanced out with the pretty and unusual Cerise
    Helena Matisse - Helena is nice, Matisse is pronounced like the boy's name Mathis so I don't like this for a girl
    Lillian Aviva - Aviva is pretty cool but I don't really like Lillian
    Audrey Paloma - as mentioned above, I dislike Audrey but this flows well
    Tabitha Sylvie - see Tabitha Louise
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