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    Name the Babies G3R2 (peacheysmiles)

    Family #1
    Christabel Blake "Toby" and Dexter Marcus are having another boy. Dex would like his first name to be a one syllable hyper-masculine name, but Toby would like his middle to be a bit softer, but clearly a boys name.
    DS: Ace Felix (jinglebelldaisy)

    Family #2
    Hendry Valor and Annesley Charlotte wanted to have another baby soon after Freyson and Willora were born. This time she is having a single boy. They would like his first name to be made up but sounds like a name, not kre8tive spellings of other names. Annesley wants his middle names to mean "brave".
    DS/DD: Freyson Beauregard & Willora Lucienne (minisia)

    Family #3
    Scout Catherine and Colt Faron are having another little girl. Colt wants her name to contain "win" and Scout would like her middle name to one syllable.
    DD: Theresa Coraline (claraoswinoswald)

    Family #4
    Lock Collins and Fiona Duvet can't take Khaki pleading for a brother any longer and they decide to try for another baby. Khaki was so disappointed to find out it would be a girl. They would like her first name to be an adverb. They would like her middle name to start with the next letter after the first (for ex. And Belen).
    DS: Khaki Leopold (invisiblestudent)

    Family #5
    Glimmer Bay Azalea and Rocker Jameson got such bad press for naming their daughter Perfect that when they found out they were pregnant again with a son, they decided to choose a more conservative, but just as distinguished name.
    DD: Perfect Pretty Princess (invisiblestudent)

    Family #6
    Lorenzo Eagle and Giulietta Francesca love little Sorren, but they thought he should have a sibling. When they found out they were pregnant they were surprised to be having triplets, two girls and a boy. They would like them to have European place names. And for the middles to start with Y, X, and W.
    DS: Sorrento Zane (lovemybabies29)
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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