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    Names that have been ruined...

    There are some really lovely names out there that have been ruined for me by not so lovely people!

    Rachel - I had a hard time at school and was really badly bullied by two girls named Rachel.

    Ottilie- I joined beginning of December and have just caught up on the whole Ottilie saga. I loved this name (actually discovered it on here) but there's now a definite blot against it.

    Liam- Horrid mean boy at school called Liam.

    Jamie- a horrid ex and the reason I can't use James in the first name spot even though it's my grandfathers name (and DH's father and grandfathers name).

    I'm hoping to meet some nice people who will redeem these names for me!!

    Does anyone else have reasons for disliking nice names ?

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    Oh, I totally understand where you're coming from.

    For example, I had so many problems with a bully named Katherine. I don't like the name, but for some reason Catherine is completely different to me, and I love the nn Kit, but I'll never be able to use either.
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    What Ottilie saga?

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    Oh yeah. Arthur was going to be a second son's name but I had a horrid professor in graduate school that destroyed it for me. Now we're stuck for a boy name (if this one is a boy)

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    Definitely have names I hate for no reason other than people I know.

    Raymond -- Terribly abusive ex of mine

    Tabitha -- I have not met one that wasn't a drug using, slutty bitch

    Ramona -- Cody's step mother was Ramona and she was so very cruel to him.

    Susanne -- His grandmother. Hates me for no reason and has called me all sorts of awful names, and she was cruel to him.

    Crystal -- He lived with his mother for a few years and she was so abusive to him that I can't even touch his ears without him flinching from things she'd do

    Anthony -- Cody's neglectful father (you can see the trend here)

    Michael -- my abusive step father

    Hunter -- very obnoxious boy from high school

    And there are other names like Ambrose and that I can't love because of terrible book characters in books I love.

    I have the opposite too. For example, I love Artemis/Artemus for a boy so much because of the Drizzt books and Artemis Entreri by RA Salvatore. -- My Amazon Author Page

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