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    What would you name twins if you suddenly had them today?

    If I had twins today, here is what I would name them:

    B/G Twins:
    Thomas ("twin") and Linnea (a name related to Linnaea borealis, the twinflower)

    G/G Twins:
    Audrey and Clara (just love both of these); or possibly Audrey and Linnea

    B/B Twins:
    Thomas and Charles (after my dad and my uncle, respectively)

    What are your picks for "instant" twins?

    Mom of James Daniel (13) William Joseph (12), Elise Marie (10), Zachary Allan (4), and George Thomas (2) [making the blog private; PM me to subscribe]

    TTC mid 2018? Or adopt?
    Audrey; Rose; Patricia 'Patsy'; Vera Colette; Sylvia Amy; Mary Kathleen; Linnea "Lindy"; Tabitha; Caroline; Adele; Dahlia; Ida; Celia; Rosemary Laura; Rosalind, Bridget Anna; Sally; Serena/Seri/Sarah; India
    Calvin; Franklin; Adam; David; Theodore Maxwell; Henry

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