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    True thoughts on my favorites?

    I'm nowhere near kids, but I feel like my current list of favorites is "disorganized" and would like to hear what others think so I can best decide what to keep on the list and what to take off. Pretty much all my favorite names are in my signature- ones I would use on the top, then middle/really adventurous ones on the bottom in finer print. Please tell me what you honestly think of them.

    Beware- I have a soft spot for the unconventional and most of the names on my list are uncommon (Caspian, Leander, Mercy, Azalea) while some venture into the realm of the unheard of, such as Paz, Aberdeen, Valentine (pronounced like the holiday), Adventor, and Revere.

    Keep in mind that many of the wilder choices, especially the ones in smaller print, I'd only use in middle place, or with a safer middle if used in first.


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    Leander - I like it and the nickname Leo is handsome.
    Silas - I adore it.
    Monty - I think it's growing on me. Adorable!
    Isaiah - Way too religiously-sounding for me. If you are religious, it's okay, but if you aren't I wouldn't recommend to use it.
    August - I like it, but slightly prefer Augustus.
    Raphael - Not my style, but it's okay.
    Indio - I prefer Indigo.
    Caspian - I like it.
    Eli - I dislike it.
    Foster - It's okay.
    Julian - I love it and the nickname Jules.
    Archer - I adore it!
    Rex - Reminds me of the dinosaur, but it's good.
    Amedeo - Too much for a child, I dislike it.
    Auden - It's okay.
    Luther - It's okay.
    Theophilus - Maybe it's too much for a child, but I like it.
    Adventor - I don't like it.
    Roman - It's okay, totally usable, but not my favorite.
    Ezra - I like it.
    Jericho - I like it.
    Revere - I'd go with River.

    Violet - It's on my list, too, I love it.
    Mercy - It's okay, I like Mercer on a boy.
    Georgia - I love it.
    Isolde - Not a fan, sounds very harsh to me, sorry!
    Maeve - I adore it.
    Viviane - I prefer Vivienne.
    Florence - I like it and the nickname Flora.
    Paloma - Not my style, but it's lovely.
    Azalea - I like it.
    Wilhelmina - I love it and the nickname Willa.
    Paz - Reminds me of candy. Wait, candy is called Pez! But Paz still reminds me of it. Maybe as a nickname?
    Luna - I love it.
    Loire - Never thought of that as of a name. It's gorgeous.
    Juno - I like it, especially as a nickname for Juniper.
    Leonora - I like it.
    Calliope - Like Penelope, it sounds very pretentious to me. Sorry!
    Rue - Rue reminds me of both little kangaroo from Winnie-the-Pooh and the French word for street. But I think it's growing on me.
    Aberdeen - A guilty pleasure of mine. I love it.
    Phoenix - I prefer it on a boy.
    Honor - I dislike it.
    Valentine - I quite like it.
    Avonlea - It's okay.
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    Monty (nn for Montgomery or Montague), August, Caspian, Eli (nn for Elias or Elijah), Rex (middle only)
    Mercy, Isolde, Maeve, Luna, Juno, Rue (middle only), Valentine (middle only)

    Theophilus, Ezra
    Violet, Paloma, Azalea, Calliope

    Leander, Isaiah, Raphael, Amedeo (prefer Amadeus), Auden, Julian, Archer
    Georgia, Viviane, Florence, Loire, Leonora, Phoenix, Honor

    Silas, Indio, Foster, Luther, Adventor, Roman, Jericho, Revere
    Wilhelmina, Paz, Avonlea, Aberdeen
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    The only one I don't totally love is Indio, and that is because it is the name of a small city in the desert where I once happened to stay in a $20/night motel (worst motel ever). Isn't the Coachella music festival in Indio?

    My favorites are Violet and Caspian (especially if you use the nickname Cap!).
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    Leander (Leo)- Very handsome! Would've never thought of using Leo as the nickname. I like it!
    Silas- This one is growing on me a lot. I like it.
    Monty- Not a fan of this one
    Isaiah- Love!
    August- I like this name, but not the nicknames.
    Raphael- Don't like or dislike this one. It is fun to say, though
    Indio- Not a fan
    Caspian- This one is so handsome and magical! I wouldn't be brave enough to use it, but I still really like it
    Eli-Short, sweet, and handsome
    Foster- I prefer this as a middle
    Julian- Love!
    Archer- Love!
    Rex- Dislike
    Amedeo- Another handsome and fun to say name
    Auden- I like this one so much more on a boy
    Luther- Handsome, but I'd use this as a middle
    Theophilus- Not a fan. Hard to say.
    Adventor- Dislike
    Roman- Love love love!
    Ezra- So cute!
    Jericho- I love to say this one. It sounds really cool.
    Revere- Not a fan
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