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Thread: Ah-May-Lee

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    Amelie is ah-meh-lie so I wouldn't go with that spelling because it will definitely be pronounced wrong most of the time. I would go with Amalie.
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    It depends on what you see as legitimate. For me a legitimate pronunciation is either the "original" one, which in Amelie's case would be Ah-meh-lee or the one that is used in your language which can depend on the sound of the different parts / syllables of the name.
    So while most English people would know that it's Ah-meh-lee, one could also get A-mee-lye just from how the different parts would sound individually (to my knowledge it's not a pronunciation people use).
    I don't see a way you could Ah-may-lee though, unless it's how the name sounds with a certain accent.

    I'm really sorry that I'm writing so negatively and maybe bring you hopes down a bit, however, the name is pretty popular in the UK, so many people would know of the pronunciation and I wouldn't want you to be disappointed when your daughter's name is pronounced "incorrectly" everywhere she goes.

    Just wanted to ask if you like Ah-meh-lee at all?
    Because It would go perfectly with your other daughter's name which is amazingly stunning.


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    I pronounce Amelie and Amélie the same. Ah-meh-lee (meh = may, just not as hard. The accent over the 'e' as in cliché.), with most of the emphasis on the "lee" not ah-MAY-lee.

    Amelie I see as anglicized. Since english does not use accent marks, we drop them. Just as it is acceptable to write cliche without it.

    So I think you'll get people that pronounce this like Emily with an A -- ah-mil-ee, the french way, and Ah-mah-lee. I'm not sure where you are. In the states, I have a feeling people will say it all kinds of ways, regardless of the accent mark.

    I love the french way. Not so much the others. If I gave my child this name, I would use the accent mark. I really think that with the world becoming more and more international, and names definitely so, people will become more aware of other ways of speech. I hope anyway.

    The wonderful french film "Amélie" will give you a great opportunity to hear it
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    Amelie is ah-meh-lee (the three girls I know say it this way, one of them is French).

    I don't personally care for am-MAY-lee, but something about Amaelie is sort of striking. Although I wouldn't suggest a misspelling usually, though.

    What about Amaya/Amaia? Not quite as sophisticated but they're beautifully exotic.
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