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    Your grandparents' names??

    Does anyone's grandparents have interesting or newly fashionable names that they would use perhaps in middle or even first place? Or just names that sound nice and are interesting?

    My Indian grandmother on my mom's side is named Sumitra, which I think is beautiful. She goes by Sumi. My American grandfather on my dad's side was named Harry but went by his middle, Arden, which I would use on a girl now.

    What about your grandparents? What names do they have that you would use/that you like?

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    My mom's parents are Eleanor and Ivo, both of which I LOVE. I absolutely plan to use Ivo as a mn someday and only wish I had the guts to use it as a FN. My dad's parents are Roy and Patricia. My sister used Patricia as a mn, so I probably wouldn't use that, but I think I'd like to use Roy as a mn someday also. This is slightly off-topic, but another of my sisters considered combining Ivo+Roy into Ivory for a mn, which I thought was very creative, but she worried it would come off racist or offensive somehow. She used Elicia (Eleanor + Patricia) instead.

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    My grandmothers, great grandmothers: Mary, Mary Ann, Nuralon(step grandmother), Julia, Sophie, Frances, and Ruth

    DH's grandmothers and greats: Rosemary, Olga, Olimpia, Anastasia

    We love Rosemary which combines DH and my grams I also love Just Rose for mn
    We also love Julia/Juliana, keep going back and forth between the 2
    I love Sophie, and Anastasia although DH has vetoed both
    Married to wonderful hubby 10/12

    Mommy to Mila Rosemary 11/14

    Future possible sibs<3
    Tessa Elizabeth . Juliet/Kate Anastasia
    William Leo Robert . Colin Brody Michael

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    Ericka (born in 1926 in Austria, so random lol)


    I love the names Vivian and Amos in their own right. Ericka and Michael are nms as names, though, but my grandparents are wonderful role models
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    EDD: 4/14/2018

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    My grandparents are

    James (nn Jim) and Mary
    Gordon and Isobel (nn Ella)
    Darrell and Rita

    Long story why I have three sets!

    Rita tells me her name is short for Margarita!! Not sure I believe her though.

    DH's grandparents are
    James (nn Jim) and Margaret
    Timothy ( nn Ted) and Mary

    Love- James, Gordon, Ted, Isobel
    Like- Mary, Ella, Margaret, Rita, Timothy
    Not keen on- Darrell. Quite like on a girl though.

    ♡ Sophie Isabel Mary 11/10/2016 ♡

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