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    German/English boys name


    Finding my girls name was easy, but my boys name is proving to be difficult. Here's my short list:

    Daniel Phillip- Daniel has been my favourite boys name forever but I'm not sure it would go with the surname *****dlbeck

    Marius Phillip- I love Marius but I think that it might be too German for England and also too connected with Les Mis (love that show!) Also my girls name is Marina.

    Luke Phillip- I love it but I'm not sure if it is used in Germany or not. Any ideas?

    Georg Phillip- Gee-org or Gay-org. Personally I love it but like Marius it might be too German.

    Miles Phillip- I like the German/English mix but it's not my favourite name. However my Mum loves Miles.

    Mathis Phillip- Mat-eese, like Matisse the artist. Used in Germany and France. I think it's a nice change to Matthew and is unusual without being weird.

    Adam Phillip- I love Adam because it's such a strong name.

    Leon Phillip- I prefer Leo but I think Leon is more of a full name.

    Phillip is the name of my DB.

    Thank you,
    Bianca x
    16 and pregnant
    Looking forward to having a half German baby with my amazing boyfriend!

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    My first thought even before I saw your list was Daniel and as far as I know it is a popular name in Europe so I would choose Daniel especially as you love it so much.
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    My favorite is Leon Phillip. I think either Louis Phillip or Marinus Phillip might fit your list.

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    Are you planning to raise him in England or Germany? Because Leon is super super popular in Germany, so I wouldn't chose that one in that case, was on number 1 for several years and is still very popular.

    Daniel is kind of dated in Germany, more an 80s name.

    I really like Miles but if you don't, don't go for it.

    Adam is great, it works well in both countries and the pronunciation isn't as different as for example for Mathis. If you go for Mathis you could use the Mattis spelling to make pronunciation easier.

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    My favorite from your list is Mathis and Marius is a close second. Marius would be my first choice for you if Marina weren't your girl's name. If you were to name your son Marius would you regret not getting to use Marina in the future? Marius to me doesn't feel overly German to the point that it would negatively stand out in England, but I'm in the U.S. so I wouldn't know for sure. Personally I really like Mathis, but always getting the correct pronunciation would be close to impossible. If I were you I would probably go with Daniel. He's been your favorite for years and, while I don't know the entire sirname, goes just fine with the portion you mentioned above. You've got some great choices here, good luck choosing!
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