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Thread: Lemon okay?

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    Lemon okay?

    Is lemon okay to use? Hart of Dixe is bring attention back to this name. Like it or leave it?

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    I like it. If clementine works why not lemon?

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    I love, love, love, love Lemon! It's one of the names that I just tossed into the guilty pleasures category, but if you're seriously considering it, please, please use it for all of us who can't!
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    Clementine is a feminization of the name Clement (the man who invented the fruit was named Clement). It was a name before it was a fruit so I wouldn't quite put them in the same category. Someone did suggest Lemon as a nickname for Clementine though, which is a neat idea. I'd say it's more like "if a kid can be named Apple, why not Lemon?"

    With Lemon I can't help but think of the phrase "it's a lemon" when referencing a faulty or defective item, and "when life gives you lemons..." I think a bearer of this name would get teased -- though probably more lovingly than harmful -- by this. I think I would be able to enjoy it more as a name possibility if it weren't for that though.

    If I shoved that outta my mind I think it'd be a lot of fun.

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    Oh please leave it alone, it would be unkind to name a child Lemon because it has all sorts of uncomplimentary connotations when applied to a person.
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