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    5 New Names - Which is best and good middle names.

    Hello everyone. - I'v been going over my girl name list with my boyfriend, Only thing is I'm stuck on which name is best Jennifer, Tamsin, Faye/Faith, Fiona & Francesca. - I Also Need middle names for these.

    His Style:- Jane, Rose, May, Marie etc you get the idea.

    My style:- Angharad, Sinead, Bronwyn etc. - Welsh & Irish Names but he's not keen.

    Surname Kitcher & Sibling Amy-Louise.

    No repeating Initals e.g. J.J.K or J.K.K etc.....

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    I like Fiona and tasmin the best! Here are some middle name ideas...

    Fiona Rosalind
    Fiona Genevieve
    Fiona Tasmin
    Fiona Imogen
    Fiona Bridget

    Tasmin Faye
    Tasmin Zara
    Tasmin Iris
    Tasmin Elizabeth
    Tasmin Isobel

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    I love Faye. It's such a sweet, vintage choice and I'd love to see it more often, especially with all the little Faiths running around.
    Faye Carrigan
    Faye Olivia
    Faye Victoria
    Faye Adeline
    Faye Isabelline
    Faye Amelia

    I also really like Francesca. It's one of those names I'd never use, but would love to see on another child.
    Francesca Maeve
    Francesca Sophie
    Francesca Elle
    Francesca Eve
    Francesca Isabel
    Francesca Riley
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    Amy-Louise {and} Faith Josephine {or} Jennifer Caroline

    {Faith and Jennifer are the most compatible with Amy.}

    Middle suggestions: Caroline, Charlotte, Claire, Eleanor, Frances, Helen, Josephine, Margaret
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    I think it's only fair to choose a mn from his list. If he likes those name then they are not "filler"

    Tamsin Rose
    Fiona Jane

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