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    Maybe Larissa is sure the baby's going to be a boy and names him Winslow while he's still in the womb, but the baby turns out to be a girl and she decides to go with it anyway? In that case, I would use Winnie as a nickname for her.
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    Winslow could go either way I think. Is there a specific reason for Winslow Homer? There are other artists, I just did a paper on Mark Rothko, Rothko could be a cool boys name because it doesn't sound like you made up your mind if they baby will be a boy or girl. I knew a girl named Monet. What about Georgia, Khalo, Diego, Ansel, Miro, Piet, Caro, Sisley, Morisot, Matisse, Kathe, Dali, Magritte, Ernst, or Meret? So many possibilities.

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    I second the Monet suggestion for a girl. To me Winslow seems like a girls name because of the nickname, Winnie. I hate boys names on girls(I'm a girl named Jayden and I've always hated having a boys name), but I could see the appeal of a girl called Winslow. If its a girl, I think Monet(Claude), Georgia(O'Keefe), or Beatrix(Potter) would be better options though.
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    I like Winslow for a girl, besides Rowan is just as unisex. The only name that throws off your sibset is Evelyn. But Winslow and Evelyn won't have the same dad, so I like it. Maybe it was mom's idea to have a unisex name and simply wouldn't let the name Rowan go so then her dad settled, wanting a more soft and feminine name but maybe using it in the middle spot. Then, with Evelyn, the 2nd girl, dad got more of a say and she has more of a unisex middle name (Evelyn Quinn, Evelyn Sawyer...) and now with this new guy mom has full reign again, so unisex it is!

    Did I completely over-think that or what!

    Coming up with character names is one of my favorite things to do. Right now I'm writing a book, novel, whatever, and my main character is Marlowe Indiana Pearl (last name TBA). Too fun! I always get to use the names my boyfriend rules out completely...i.e. Indiana Pearl.

    Good luck!
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    Winslow is all boy. Frida (Kahlo) could work for a quirky girl name.

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