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    Names I would like to hear or see more of...

    Certain names I would really love to see used for boys. I know these are used for boys somewhere, I just haven't heard or seen it. These names are included below and I normally see girls named these, not boys. I do not mind that they are used for girls, and no offense to anyone who prefers them for girls, I just have been thinking about these names lately.

    Madison .....loving this on boys least dreaming of this on a boy, so handsome
    Ashton, Ashtyn, etc
    Taylor .....also would love to see a little boy wearing this attractive name
    there are probably more but you get the idea....Does anyone else have any that seem to be more commonly used for girls now, but you'd like to see them used for boys?

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    I think some names are perfectly fine as unisex names. The Rhys/Reese/Reece scenario is a perfect example as far as I am concerned.

    But I also think some spellings suit boys better than girls. Rhys, to me, is strictly a boys names but I can see how the two other variations are used for both.

    Your example of Schuyler above is similar. I would only use this variation of the name on a boy. All of the Skylar, etc. spellings seem more 'girl' to me.

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    Kelly is a name that I think would sound great on a cool little boy. I'd never be brave enough to use it since I grew up with so many girls named Kelly, but I'd love to meet a little boy Kelly at the park.
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    Definitely Avery. I'm kind of obsessed with Avery, Darcy, and Meredith right now. And Quinn, I like Quinn as a middle for a girl, but I love it as a boy name.
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    Probably Addison, Elliott, Peyton, Avery or Darcy

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