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Thread: WDYT of Ajax?

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    WDYT of Ajax?

    I keep coming back to this name. I really love it, despite the very strong brand association...I feel like I'm getting close to a very nice short list and trying to decide if Ajax is on it or not. My family is Greek so that's partly why I like it, haven't found any other Greek names that appeal to me as much. Really would love to know what you all it usable? First or middle?


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    It is too tied to the cleaning product for me. Personally I would use it for a pet. But if I met a little boy with the name I wouldn't be horrified or anything. I'd probably think it was cute.
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    I associate it with both the cleaning product and the programming term (asynchronous javascript and xml) - yes, I know this makes me a total nerd. So for me, I would never consider this a name.

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    I would not use it for a child. Maaaybe as a middle, but I don't like the Hero connection, and I do associate it strongly with the cleaning product.
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    I have a major love/hate relationship with this name.
    I love it. Absolutely adore Ajax... and then I go to clean my kitchen or bathroom and I absolutely hate this name. It’s not so much that the name itself changes but that I get reminded of the association with the cleaning agent. If I lived in a country where Ajax wasn’t such a household name for this particular cleaning agent I’d consider it - but as is, I wouldn’t.
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