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    I would love to hear more of Morgan, Shannon, Quinn, Avery, MacKenzie, Delaney and Aubrey on boys. I don't care for Madison (my niece's name) or Addison on either sex. I have a brother named Taylor and I've actually met more males than females named Taylor!
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    I actually know boys with all of those names, either as first or middle, with the exception of Ashlyn and Ashley, though I have heard of a male Ashley around my area. I have actually only met male children/adults named Avery. Avery and Ashton are both on my long list.

    Sawyer and Rowan both on my short list for boys, so I would love to see a little bit wearing one of those in real life. I haven't met any little girls with those names either, though. Emerson and Ellison are two I'd also love to see on little boys.
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