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    Desperately Need Name Opinion!

    We are due in March and don't know the gender of our baby and have been going back and forth for months on boy names - so much harder than girls!! This is also our first, and our last name is one syllable, beginning and ending in 'S'. It seems like no matter how many names we bring up, we keep coming back to the name Gannon for a boy. I'm not sure what it is - I just think it's a strong male name that ages well and is unique without being too over the top. The problem is, I'm getting cold feet on using it because it isn't even in the top 1000 on the SS list and when I google it, for some reason, most people don't have a good opinion of it. (I tend to like surnames as first names, which I know some people disagree with. I also like the 'n' ending). I've also read references to Zelda, Teen Mom and Dannon yogurt, which don't bother me to be honest (not familiar with Zelda and don't really see the yogurt connection since they are two different words. And I won't let a TV show dictate my name choice - I never even saw this season).

    For a middle name, we were thinking Cole or Cooper. We were also considering Cole as a first name but since our last name is one syllable, I wasn't sure if that was too choppy. We both also really like Gavin, but are concerned that it's too trendy and will become dated. We also like Wyatt, but none really as much as Gannon.

    So what do you think of Gannon Cole or Gannon Cooper? Or should we nix Gannon and consider Cole, Gavin or Wyatt? Thank you so much for your opinions!

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    I like Gannon Cole! It's very handsome, and I don't think of Teen Mom at all, probably because I've never been a huge fan.
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    I think Gannon is a great name! Gannon Cole prob flows better, but I actually really like Gannon Cooper too. How about Gannon Wyatt?
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    Thank you! I feel alot better now. Any more opinions? Please be honest :-)

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    I have never heard or seen the name "Gannon" before. To me, it kind of looks made up. Sorry. If you love it, then great. But its not something I would ever personally use. I do like Gavin though. And I haven't met anybody under the age of 5 with that name yet. In fact the only "Gavin" I came across was my age. And I went to school with him.

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