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    Tell us about your hometown

    Hello Berries!
    I'm very curious about where do other berries live, what is interesting about their hometowns, how they like it.
    I'm from Chelyabinsk, Russia. It's a large industrial city with a population of 1,100,000 people. It's situated in South Ural, in very Western Asia, not far from Europe and Kazakhstan. Chelyabinsk is situated both in Ural and Siberia, there is a border in the city. I live in Ural, while my grandparents live in Siberia.
    No one abroad can pronounce Chelyabinsk right! They say it like shell-yuh-beensk, while it's chel'uh-beensk. The L is patalized, it's the difficulty. Even Siri can't say it!
    Almost a year ago, on 15 February 2013, right after dawn, a powerful meteorite explodes above Chelyabinsk. I saw and felt it :/. Me and my nearest and dearest are ok, but 1500 people got injured and windows of some houses got broken. It was quite an interesting experience. That may sound disrespectful to injured people, but me and my friends created a "meteor song". Here's its translation:
    I came from space,
    I brought explosions.
    Meet me - I'm Meteorite!

    I'm flying, I'm flying to you
    I'm flying
    Full of happiness!

    You have started to notice at once,
    That a comet is flying
    And to cry "hello" me to the sky!


    I'm going to fall soon,
    Everyone will write about me.
    And now I see Chelyabinsk!



    One of the worst aspects of being a teenager from Chelyabinsk is bullying of the city. There is an idiotic TV show which is watched by many people, which makes fun of some cities, including Chelyabinsk. I have never watched it myself, but I saw "funny jokes" on the internet. People see something weird - that's Chelyabinsk. Of course, we don't have chess from nails (the ones used for building) and 10000 kg guitar from "the meteorite iron"! Chelyabinsk is a complete normal city.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    That sounds interesting, and pretty cool, honestly! I'm quite obsessed with Europe, and want to go there someday, and I would love to see parts of Russia, as well! My grandmother went to Russia about 15 years ago (I think?) for a mission trip with a Christian organization here in the US--I think it was southern Russia, though. Irkutsk, if I'm remembering correctly? Google Maps isn't really working for me, but it looks like it is pretty far away from where you are, haha. Do you like it there? What's the culture like? There is a Belarusian family in my church, and they have a little girl who's about 3, and they taught her Russian first (she's learning a few American/English words now, like "hi" and "Jesus", haha. She just stares at me and waves and says, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" constantly. She's a doll!), and now it has me really wanting to learn Russian. I know a couple words (thank you, hello, Jesus, friend, that's about it!), thanks to my natural knack for languages and from hearing things here and there, but it seems like such a cool language and I'd love to learn it one day. I keep telling myself one language at a time.

    I'm pretty wary about giving out where I'm from, but since there are a couple of them, I will say that it's called Fleetwood, and it is in the US. It's a very, very tiny little town, and I technically don't even live in it. I live between it and another tiny town. It has a couple restaurants, a bank, a library, a pool, a school district, a municipal building (that houses the library and police department, haha), and that's about it. I think there is a television/etc. type shop, as well. A couple churches, but mostly on the outskirts of town. I've gone to the pool there, and the library, but honestly, everything's so spread out that I don't spend a ton of time in the town itself. I went to school several towns away, I work in the same town I went to school in... there's just lots of little towns all combined. I like it, though. I don't like the claustrophobic feeling of living in a town, but I don't like the prospect of living so far away from everybody that nobody would hear you screaming if you were getting murdered, either. haha. Everything's all really spread out, but there's still enough to do that I don't get bored out of my mind. There are a lot of churches around, too, which I like, because my family was able to find a really great church. There aren't a lot of people my age that I can have as friends, and I'm finding it really hard to find the type of job I really want to have, but I still like living here a lot. It's really beautiful. Google the Appalachian mountains, and you'll see what I mean.
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    I'm from a small country town in Western Australia (probably the only one). I live on a farm a bit out of town. My town has a pub/hotel, a school of 40 children, a medical center which is only open 4 days a week with a nurse, a general store, a rural supply store and a playgroup. Yep thats it, I've always wanted to get out of it I'm a city girl stuck in the country
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    I was born in the state capital of California, but I moved to a small town when I was two. It's a low point in a valley that's surrounded by the Siskiyou and Cascade mountains. and It's rather dull, with the only attractions being a car wash, some small shops, and a renting space with a revolving door of owners. The population boomed in the early 2000's, so it's not so small anymore. We're a stone's throw away from the larger town, a small historical village, and a few other growing towns.
    I used to hate living here because there's such a claustrophobic feeling. Being surrounded by mountains makes you feel very small and there's this idea that you're trapped. I like it more now than I used to, but I desperately want to move away to a larger city.

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    I'm from Brisbane, Australia, and I absolutely love it We're less than an hour away from magnificent beaches, which I love. The city itself is lovely too - we've got a population of around 2 million (Brisbane is the capital city of the state) - and we're built around a river. I live in a hilly, leafy suburb about 5km from the city centre. The temperature ranges from around 30C - 40C in the summer to 15C - 20C in the winter. I love the climate!
    I've never felt that I wanted to 'get out of' my city - I can definitely see myself still living here as an adult! I'm currently overseas, though (I'm studying abroad for a semester in Ireland) and I am enjoying the change!

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