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    Ben or Jacob- Ben
    Luca or Mason- Luca
    Paul or Ethan- Ethan
    Jonas or Noah- Noah
    Finn or William- Finn
    Leon or Liam- Leon
    Luis or Jayden- Luis
    Lukas or Michael -Lukas
    Maximilian or Alexander- Alexander
    Felix or Aiden - Felix
    Noah or Daniel - Noah
    Elias or Matthew- Elias
    Julian or Elijah- Julian
    Max or James - Max
    Tim or Anthony- Tim
    Moritz or Benjamin- Benjamin
    Henry or Joshua - Henry
    Niklas or Andrew- Andrew
    Philipp or David- Philipp
    Jakob or Joseph- Joseph
    Tom or Logan- Tom
    Jan or Jackson - Jackson
    Emil or Christopher- Emil
    Alexander or Gabriel- Alexander
    David or Samuel- Samuel
    Oskar or Ryan- Oskar
    Fabian or Lucas- Fabian
    Anton or John- John
    Erik or Nathan- Nathan
    Rafael or Isaac- Isaac
    Matteo or Dylan- Matteo
    Leo or Caleb- Leo
    Mats or Christian- Mats
    Simon or Landon - Simin
    Jannik or Jonathan- Jonathan
    Lennard or Carter- Lennard
    Liam or Luke- Luke
    Linus or Owen- Linus
    Hannes or Brayden- Hannes
    Mika or Gavin - Mika
    Vincent or Wyatt- Wyatt
    Adrian or Isaiah - Adrian
    Jonathan or Henry- Henry
    Theo or Eli- Theo
    Nico or Hunter- Nico
    Till or Jack- Jack
    Benjamin or Evan- Benjamin
    Florian or Jordan- Florian
    Marlon or Nicholas- Nicholas
    Julius or Tyler- Julius

    Mia or Sophia- Sophia
    Emma or Emma- um. Emma? Haha
    Hannah or Isabella-Hannah
    Sophia or Olivia- Sophia
    Anna or Ava- Ava
    Lea or Emily - Lea
    Emilia or Abigail - Emilia
    Marie or Mia- Marie
    Lena or Madison- Lena
    Leonie or Elizabeth - Leonie
    Emily or Chloe - Emily
    Lina or Ella - Ella
    Amelie or Avery- Amelie
    Sophie or Addison- Sophie
    Lilly or Aubrey- Lilly
    Luisa or Lily - Lily
    Johanna or Natalie- Johanna
    Laura or Sofia- Sofia
    Nele or Charlotte- Charlotte
    Lara or Zoey- Lara
    Maja or Grace- Maja
    Charlotte or Hannah- Charlotte
    Clara or Amelia- Amelia
    Leni or Harper- Harper
    Sarah or Lillian- Lillian
    Pia or Samatha - Pia
    Mila or Evelyn- Evelyn
    Alina or Victoria- Victoria
    Lisa or Brooklyn- Brooklyn
    Lotta or Zoe- Lotta
    Ida or Layla - Layla
    Julia or Haley- Haley
    Greta or Leah- Leag
    Mathilda or Kaylee - Mathilda
    Melina or Anna- Anna
    Zoe or Aaliyah - Zoe
    Frieda or Gabriella- Frieda
    Lia or Allison- Lia
    Paula or Nevaeh- Paula
    Marlene or Alexis
    Ella or Audrey- Audrey
    Emelie or Savannah - Savannah
    Jana or Sarah- Jana
    Victoria or Allysa- Victoria
    Josephine or Claire- Josephine
    Finja or Taylor- Finja
    Isabelle or Riley- Isabelle
    Helena or Camila- Helena
    Isabella or Arianna- Isabella
    Elisa or Ashley- Elisa

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    New Zealand

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    The tenebrous fissures of my mind.
    Ben or Jacob
    Luca or Mason
    Paul or Ethan
    Jonas or Noah
    Finn or William
    Leon or Liam
    Luis or Jayden
    Lukas or Michael
    Maximilian or Alexander
    Felix or Aiden
    Noah or Daniel
    Elias or Matthew
    Julian or Elijah
    Max or James
    Tim or Anthony
    Moritz or Benjamin
    Henry or Joshua
    Niklas or Andrew
    Philipp or David
    Jakob or Joseph
    Tom or Logan
    Jan or Jackson
    Emil or Christopher
    Alexander or Gabriel
    David or Samuel
    Oskar or Ryan
    Fabian or Lucas
    Anton or John
    Erik or Nathan
    Rafael or Isaac
    Matteo or Dylan
    Leo or Caleb
    Mats or Christian
    Simon or Landon
    Jannik or Jonathan
    Lennard or Carter
    Liam or Luke
    Linus or Owen
    Hannes or Brayden
    Mika or Gavin
    Vincent or Wyatt
    Adrian or Isaiah
    Jonathan or Henry
    Theo or Eli
    Nico or Hunter
    Till or Jack
    Benjamin or Evan
    Florian or Jordan
    Marlon or Nicholas
    Julius or Tyler

    DE: 33 US: 17

    Mia or Sophia
    Emma or Emma
    Hannah or Isabella
    Sophia or Olivia
    Anna or Ava
    Lea or Emily
    Emilia or Abigail
    Marie or Mia
    Lena or Madison
    Leonie or Elizabeth
    Emily or Chloe
    Lina or Ella
    Amelie or Avery
    Sophie or Addison
    Lilly or Aubrey
    Luisa or Lily
    Johanna or Natalie
    Laura or Sofia
    Nele or Charlotte
    Lara or Zoey
    Maja or Grace
    Charlotte or Hannah
    Clara or Amelia
    Leni or Harper
    Sarah or Lillian
    Pia or Samatha
    Mila or Evelyn
    Alina or Victoria
    Lisa or Brooklyn
    Lotta or Zoe
    Ida or Layla
    Julia or Hailey
    Greta or Leah
    Mathilda or Kaylee
    Melina or Anna
    Zoe or Aaliyah
    Frieda or Gabriella
    Lia or Allison
    Paula or Nevaeh
    Marlene or Alexis
    Ella or Audrey
    Emelie or Savannah
    Jana or Sarah
    Victoria or Allysa
    Josephine or Claire
    Finja or Taylor
    Isabelle or Riley
    Helena or Camila
    Isabella or Arianna
    Elisa or Ashley

    DE: 35 US: 15

    - Francesca

    "What fiction could match - in drama or suspense - man's first walk on the Moon?"
    - Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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