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    Tips for shaking off baby fever?

    Hi berries!

    I joined Nameberry last year to discuss potential names as my partner and I were effectively ttc for a bit. It didn't happen after about six months (just coming off bc and not actively trying/not actively preventing, so I don't think anything to be concerned about).

    After thinking long and hard about it over the holiday period I decided it might have been a sign from the universe to submit the masters application I had been putting off since I graduated a few years ago. It turns out that I got in! I think this is a good decision for me, my partner, and any future family members (as it will increase my salary/employability). All in all, I'm quite happy to put off children for a bit longer, as I'm still in my mid-20s.


    I can't make the baby fever stop! I know that it's only a temporary hiatus from trying but for some reason all I can think about is having a baby. On top of it, my partner's sister has a 6 month old - and I feel so jealous sometimes!

    Anybody have any tips for managing baby fever over the next 18 months? I'm sure some of you must have been here before....

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    I don't think you can make yourself stop wanting a baby. I never could anyway; pretty sure I've had baby fever continuously since I was 15 (including while I was pregnant, but excluding my daughter's very challenging and sleepless newborn phase - LOL!) It sounds like you're a very responsible person and you want to do what's best for yourself, your family, and your future, so you will. You just will. You'll get busy sometimes and won't have time to think about it as much, and then you'll hear about a friend or acquaintance who's pregnant and you'll whine to your SO that you wish you could have a baby now too. But you'll wait and it'll be worth it. Good luck with everything!
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    If you figure it out...let me know! I want to have some time to live my life my life with my DH, and go on some trips and enjoy one another but every time he jokes about being ready to try, I'm totally ready to rip out my IUD and try for a baby. Being a paeds nurse doesn't help, though getting to snuggle babies or goof around with toddlers takes the edge off some days!

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    Borrow your partner's niece/nephew for a few hours. Depending on the baby's needs, it could deter you for at least a little bit. Also, just take a look at your finances and realize that a baby will significantly drain them.

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    I actually did a blog post about it on how I resist the urge. You can read my opinion here:

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