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    Trevor, Ezra or Julian?

    My first son is due March 12th and my girlfriend and I still haven't chose a name. She is letting me choose as long as she likes it. So what do you guys think is a better name. Trevor Rico m, Ezra Rico or Julian Rico?

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    Definitely Julian, followed by Ezra and then Trevor, a very, very long way behind! Julian is lovely!

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    I like the flow of Julian Rico best. Trevor Rico is strange because of the -r R- thing, and Ezra Rico is too short and choppy for my liking.
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    Julian Rico has the best flow.

    Trevor runs into Rico so it sounds like Trevo-Rico or Trevor-Ico.

    Ezra Rico is a bit choppy, a bit of a tongue-twister, ra-Rico is difficult to say.
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    Another vote for Julian!
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