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    Simeon came to mind, but I'm not sure what you could use as a nn. Evander nn Evan would also work well imo. My favorite, however, with Theodore (Theo) and Augustus (Gus) is the previously suggested Maximilian (Max), now that is a perfect sibset!
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    Geoffrey came to mind instantly. This spelling is far less common than the eighties and nineties Jeffrey and it still sounds familiar yet still uncommon. I believe it is the English spelling, with the G.
    Rye, pronounced like the bread, Geo, like the beginning of geography with a long o sound, or Geoff are solid nicknames.
    Theo, Gus, and Geoff
    Theo, Gus, and Rye.....Geo rhymes with Theo so you may not like that one
    Timothy works well with Theo and Gus= theo, Gus, and Tim
    Theo, Gus, and Patrick....another classic, could be shortened to Pax or Pat or even Rick...aric could also work

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    Theodore, Augustus, and their little brother...
    Hendrik (nn Henry -> unless this is an issue with Theo’s mn. Wouldn’t be for me but...)
    Leonidas nn Leon (so you don’t have Theo and Leo)
    Gabriel nn Gabe
    Geoffry nn Geoff
    Robert nn Bobby
    Zachary nn Zack
    Niklaus nn Nick
    Emmerich/Emmett nn Rich/Eric/Em/Mett
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    I agree Max sounds like a great fit but it's rather popular here in Australia.
    Sebastian is another good idea but I'm not a fan of Seb or bastian.
    I'll give some thought to the other suggestions, I like the feel of Montgomery but I suspect my husband will say its too much like a last name.
    Thanks for the input xx
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