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    Harlan on a girl or go with Avery?

    Hi everyone,
    My first daughter's name is Ada Elizabeth.

    Two names that I really like are Avery and Harlan. Do you think Harlan works on a girl?
    Also how about how it sounds with our last name 'Hatfield'?

    What works better:

    Avery Lynn Hatfield
    Harlan Frances Hatfield

    Middle names aren't set in stone (I just picked my moms first and middle as potentials).

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    Harlan sounds like a gruff old man. I would go with Avery Frances. Even then, Avery is very androgynous with a sister named Ada.

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    Ada Elizabeth is so girlie and pretty. Harlan ( if you named her that) might feel out of place with an elderly man sounding name. Avery is also unisex, but I'd go with it over Harlan.
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    The alliteration would be an issue w/Harlan, though not such a big deal if you use it in the middle spot. Avery Harlan sounds sweet.

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    drewhollisrhodes21 Guest
    I don't think any name is strictly boy or girl.

    I'm sure if you picked Harlan it would immediately become a beautiful girl's name

    I prefer Harlan.... but I'm not sure on Frances as a middle name.


    Harlan Avery Hatfield
    Harlan Grace Hatfield
    Harlan May Hatfield
    Harlan Charlotte Hatfield

    Harlan Hatfield is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E

    Good luck

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