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    Red face Hit me with your best baby shower gifts/games...

    The title says it all-I am holding a baby shower for a friend.

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    For the gift- I like to give couples a date when they have a new baby. I give a gift certificate to a restaurant and a card that explains that babysitting is included. I have a friends who has a house cleaning business on the side and she gives a few weeks of housecleaning services. If you want a wrappable gift, you can't go wrong with books.

    I once went to a shower where the host had asked all of the guests for baby photos of themselves beforehand. Then she put all of the photos into a slides show and we all had to guess who was who.

    Another good one was sort of like the Newlywed Game. The mother-to-be was asked a question (things like, "How many diaper changes does a newborn baby need each day?") and everyone had to write down what they thought she would answer.

    We also played a version of Taboo but with just baby related words at that shower.

    I have been to several where we decorated onesies. That is always a good one. You just need onesies and fabric markers.

    At another shower, we all wrote down what we would name the baby and gave the slips of paper to the mother-to-be. She read them off and guessed who had suggested which names. I am assuming that you will like that one since this is a naming website.

    I would avoid anything where involving guessing the girth of the pregnant woman or melting candy bars in diapers or anything of that nature.

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    My mom always told me to make sure the mom-to-be has a cool mist humidifier, so I usually get one of those. My mom said the thing was a life saver when she was raising her six babies! It's not super cute or fun to get a humidifier, but the two women I've gotten them for recently both have come back to tell me they are so happy I got it for them.

    I went to a shower once where everyone was given necklaces with a plastic toy pacifier on it when they walked in. Throughout the whole shower, if you said the word "baby" and someone caught you on it, you would have to give up your necklace to that person. At the end of the shower, the person with the most necklaces wins a prize. It was fun and unique, and much harder than it sounds!
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    You can freeze tiny toy babies in ice cubes & when the ice melts in your drink, and your baby floats you yell "my water broke!" I think that is hilarious.

    In my opinion the best gifts are blankets, board books & anything handmade - they make nice keepsakes, whereas a baby bath tub or something like that is going to be given away when baby outgrows it. Obviously it is great when you can go in with someone else on "big ticket items" like strollers & car seats & carriers and things like that *Maybe you could see if invitees all want to pitch in $10 or $20 to put toward something like that*. And gift cards are always awesome for new parents.
    Other great small items: nursing covers, burp cloths & receiving blankets.
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    At my shower, we did the "don't say the word 'baby' " game too and it was hilarious. Everyone had a little clothes pin and whoever collected the most won. I lost immediately after reading the first card out loud! Not fair Being a guest at others' showers, I appreciated games that didn't put anyone on the spot, because I am not the most extroverted person around. I chose to do a lot of paper games: baby word scramble, fill in the blank nursery rhyme, etc.

    For shower prizes, we did pretty hair clips, bath sets, stationary sets. No need to break the bank unless you want to.

    I'm a new mom who hasn't had a chance yet to put my gifts to use, but I really appreciated the handmade items I received. Everything though was a nice gesture, regardless.
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