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    Need Help Deciding on Our Son's Name - Please!!!

    My husband is Greek, all of our middle names start with "M", and our first son's name is Julian Marc Calvin S. We just had our second son and he has very dark, Greek features. My husband is set on using his late father's name (Gregory), but this is not my favorite name and my preference is to keep it as a second middle name. Our favorite first name up to this point has been Aristotle, but when we tried it out we heard a lot of awkward silence...we would call him Ari, but I am not sure about choosing a name for which we are planning on using a nickname almost exclusively.

    Here are the choices we have narrowed it down to and we would love some input:

    Aristotle Marcel Gregory S.
    Marcel Gregory Alexander S. (Don't love Alexander, would welcome another option)
    Basil Marcel Gregory S.
    Basil Constantine Gregory S.

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    I like Basil Constantine, too, but to keep with your Ms I think Basil Marcel Gregory S. is the only option that's going to get you everything you want with honoring the family's Greek heritage, keeping the M middle, and honoring Grampa without putting Gregory first.

    Basil, Constantine, Gregory, and Alexander are all Greek Orthodox saint names. Marcel stands out as a Latin-French name and Aristotle stands out as pre-Christian.

    Some other Greek M names you might consider would be Makarios, Mathaios, Maximos, Methodios, Michael, Miron, and Moses.

    Basil Myron Gregory S. sounds great to me, too.

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    I really like Aristotle but it seems worlds away from your other son's name! Aristotle Marcel Gregory also has the best flow out of the options you've listed.

    I quite like Julian & Marcel together actually but would you find him not having an M middle name?

    Marcel Gregory Antoine
    Marcel Gregory Constantine
    Marcel Gregory Benedict
    Marcel Gregory Oliver
    Marcel Gregory Isaac

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    While Ari is a great name, I do think Aristotle is a little different in style from Julian. If you don't want to use Ari by itself, what about: Aristos, Arius, Arion, Aric, Ares? I'm guessing that the -S ending may be an issue though with your last name. Marcel is similar to Marc, so some other suggestions for an M mn-- Maurice, Milo, Miles, Matthew, Michael, Malcolm, Melvin, Mitchell, Murray, Magnus. I really like Milo as a way to lighten some of these names. Instead of Alexander, you could use Xander/Zander, Zane, Alec.

    Julian and

    Ari Malcolm Gregory S.
    Arion Michael Gregory S.
    Aric Milo Gregory S.
    Xander Milo Gregory S.
    Zane Michael Gregory S.

    Andrew Milo Gregory S. (nn Drew?)
    Drew Maurice Gregory S.
    Dimitri Matthias Gregory S.
    George Mitchell Gregory S.
    Hector Milo Gregory S.
    Luke Myron Gregory S.
    Paul Maurice Gregory S.
    Peter Malcolm Gregory S.
    Philip Myron Gregory S.
    Theo Maurice Gregory S.
    Timothy Magnus Gregory S.

    My favorites are Julian and Philip, Julian and Timothy, Julian and Andrew, and Julian and Peter.

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    I love Basil! Guilty pleasure name of mine. Basil Constantine gets my vote. Love Julian, too. Congrats on the new son!
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