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    Anyone Name their son Richard?

    My husband LOVES Richard due to his godfather. He desperately wants to name our son Richard ("Richie"). I am horrified that he will get called Dick either in school or jokingly among friends. Does anyone have experience naming their child this or know someone with the name? Were they called Dick? How much of an issue was it for your child/friend?

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    I know three Richards - they're all older (60s, 50s, 30s), but none of them go by Dick. One is my Uncle Rick, another is the full Richard, and my husband's friend Richie (my husband said he can't recall him ever being teased for his name). I think Richie is adorable for a baby boy!

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    It's all about controlling the nickname. Just say no, and glare, most people will stop.

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    I know a Richard, and to my knowledge, nobody has ever called him Dick. He is about seventeen years old, and trust me, that nickname gets old really fast- you might get one or two immature kids do it initially to get a reaction, but they get tired of it pretty fast.

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    I know of one Richard who goes by Dick, but he's my friend's uncle and is like 60. I went to school with a few guys named Rick or Rich. Honestly, I don't think the kids these days would even think of Dick as a nickname for Richard.
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