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    renrose Guest
    Arley: Charlotte
    Cora: Cordelia
    Dory: Isadora
    Edie: Edith
    Etta: Arietta
    Flory: Florianne
    Jory: Georgia
    Lottie: Charlotte
    Mae: Maybelle
    Maggie: Marguerite
    Marnie Amara
    Milly: Emilia
    Nola: Noelle
    Remy: Eremita
    Renny: Karen. Not that I'm biased or anything
    Reva: Rose Evangeline?
    Ria: Ariana
    Rosey: Rose
    Sylvie: Sylvia
    Tess: Hester
    Winnie: Winifred
    Zadie: No idea. Zara?

    Ari: Ariel
    Chaz: Charles
    Dax: Dexter
    Hal: Halle
    Jory: This is a standalone boy's name anyway
    Ned: Edmond
    Reggie: Reginald
    Renny: Lorenzo
    Zeb: ...
    Zed: Zachary
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    Thanks! Really great suggestions. Here's my thoughts.

    Arley and Marnie-I'm thinking Marlena. I don't love it, but I think it's growing on me
    Cora-I do actually really love Coretta as a full name, but Cordelia always lingers, and sometimes Coralie too
    Dory-Isadora, but again not in love with it. Sometimes I toss around Dorian
    Edie-Maybe Elodie. Is that a stretch? I like Elodie on it's own. Not a fan of Eden or Edith.
    Etta-Odette? Maybe. I don't like a lot of other names that end in ette.
    Flory-Don't like Florence. I do like Flora on it's own, but I think I like Flory better and I wouldn't use it as a nn for Flora. Florian? I don't know...
    Jory-The only ones I can come up with are Jordana or Marjorie and they're just ok to me
    Lottie-Don't like Charlotte! All I can think of is Carlotta, but that's not one I like that much
    Mae-Probably Mavis? Thoughts on Mavis?
    Maggie-Can't decide between Magdalena or Magnolia
    Milly-Maybe Camilla? Millicent? Milena?
    Nola-Magnolia? Finola? Winola? Can it stand on it's own?
    Remy-I'm stuck. I think for a boy Remy can stand on it's own, but as a girl it feels like a nn. Does that make sense? I don't like Remington at all, but that's all I can think of.
    Renny-I got nothin'
    Reva-See above. Can it stand on it's own?
    Ria-Rhiannon? I'm not sure how I feel about that name.
    Rosey-Probably Rosalie. I love Rosalie. Actually I probably wouldn't use a nn for it. Thoughts on Rosanna?
    Sylvie-Don't like Sylvia. Sylvana? I don't know if I could do Silver and I don't like that the I would change to a Y. Not sure yet about Silvie spelling but so far I'm thinking no.
    Tess-I'm thinking probably Teresa. But I've kicked around Contessa in the past. And there's always Tessa.
    Winnie-Winola? Winslet? Guinevere? Don't like the spelling change if using Guinevere.
    Zadie-I think it could stand on it's own, but if I can find a full name for it that'd be great!

    Chaz-I don't like Charles. I'm trying to make myself like Charleston. (So far no luck.)
    Dax-I like the sound of this, but I feel like without something more substantial, it sounds trendy/made up. But I can't think of anything that doesn't also sound trendy/made up! (i.e. Daxton)
    Jory-?? Not Jordan.
    Ned-I can't get behind Edward. Is Eddard too Game of Thrones? Can Ned be used alone?
    Reggie-I like Reggie, but NOT Reginald. And Regis is still too Philbin for me!
    Zeb-I do kinda like Zebedee and Zebediah, but man that's a whole lotta name!
    Zed-Same for Zedidiah!

    Thanks again!!
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    Cecelia/Celia~Calla(Calista)~Nola(Magnolia)~Winnie(Winola) ~Maeve
    Rosalie~Maisy~Tilly(Matilda)~Ada(Adelaide)~Junie(J uniper)

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    ArleyArla, Arlette, Charlotte, Scarlet, Arabella
    Cora (works on its own) — Coral, Coralie, Coralia, Corabel, Corinna, Concordia, Conradine
    DoryDorothy, Dorothea, Dorothée, Theodora, Isadora, Pandora, Dorcas, Doriana, Feodora, Halldora, Dolores.
    EdieEdith, Eden, Edina, Edwina, Edith
    EttaHenrietta, Lucetta, Jacquetta, Claretta, Benedetta, Fiametta, Floretta, Odetta, Simonetta, Violetta, Marketta
    FloryFlorence, Flora, Flore, Florinda, Floriana, Florentina, Florencia, Florentia, Florine
    JoryMarjory, Marjorie, Jordana, Georgia, Georgina, Georgiana,
    LottieCharlotte, Charlotta, Carlotta, Lotus, Liselotte, Hannelotte, Clotilde, Loth aria
    MaeMary, Marie, Madeleine, Maeve, Mabel, any M name
    MaggieMargaret, Magdalen, Magdalena, Marguerite, Margaux, Margarida, Magna, Magnolia, Magnhilde, Magalie
    Marnie (works as a stand alone name, Marni means "rejoice" in Hebrew) — Marna, Marianne, Marina, Marceline, Martine
    MillyMildred, Millicent, Milena, Camilla, Camille, Emily, Emilia, Emiliana, Emilienne, Amelia, Matilda, Maximiliana, Romilda, Jamila
    NolaFinola, Manola, Magnolia, Nolwenn, Noëlla, Nicola
    Remy — Remigia, Remielle, Remiella, Rema, Remember, Remedy, Remedios, Remei, Rosemary, Rosemarie Artemis, Cremilde
    RennyWren, Renata, Florence, Irène, Keren, Kerensa, Lorena, Maren
    Reva (works fine as a stand-alone name) — Rivka, Reverie,
    RiaMaria, Victoria, Rihannon, Aria
    RoseyRose, Rosalie, Rosaline, Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosemary, Ambrosia, Rosary
    Sylvie (works on its own) — Sylvia, Sylvana, Sylvestra, Sylvine, Sylvina, Silver
    TessTeresa, Theresa, Therese, Theresia, Thetis
    WinnieWinifred, Winter, Edwina
    ZadieZaida, Zenaida, Zoraida, Isadora, Zara

    Ari (works on its own) — Ariel, Aristotle, Aries, Ariston, Arthur, Archibald
    ChazCharles, Chad, Chance, Chase, Charlton, Chester, Chadwick, Chandler, Channing,
    DaxDavid, Darius, Dashiell, Maddox
    HalHenry, Harold, Haldor, Halston, Halley
    JoryGeorge, Jordan, Jordanus, Joram
    NedEdward, Edmund, Edgar, Edwin, Benedict, Nathaniel, Kennedy
    ReggieReginald, Regulus, Rex, Gregory
    RennyRen, Renatus, Reynold, Brennan, Lawrence, Florent, Soren, Wren
    ZebZebedee, Zebulon, Zebediah, Zenobios, Eusebius
    ZedZedekiah, Zebedee, any Z name
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    *Dagny Gertrude* *Florence Imogen* *Ada Katherine "Ada Kate"* *Tessa Pearl* *Amity Geneva* *Ursula Bryony*
    *Jethro Daniel "Jed"/"Jet"* *Harvey Blaise* *Jeremy Vincent "Jem"* *Laszlo Ozias "Lo"* *Leif (LAYf) Matthew "Lem"* *Chester William "Chet"*

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