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    Girl Combos Galore!

    Let me know what you think! Please feel free to switch em around or suggest new middles! This is just a rough draft, I have no emotional attachment to any of the combos yet

    Isadora Genevieve / Isadora Beatrice
    Magnolia Evelyn / Magnolia Rosemarie / Magnolia Elspeth
    Adelaide Olivia / Adelaide Eleanor
    Gwyneth Juliette / Gwyneth Cordelia
    Rosemarie Anwen / Rosemarie Charlotte / Rosemarie Eliza
    Margaret Camille / Margaret Amelia
    Alice Rosalind / Alice Magnolia
    Phillipa Seraphine / Phillipa Katherine
    Imogen Felicity -more suggestions, please!-
    Lucille Magdalena / Lucille Coraline
    Daphne Imogen / Daphne Cordelia
    Juniper Alice -more suggestions, please!-
    Magdalena Olive -would it be weird to use this since I go by Lena? (full name is Helena)-
    Georgia Carys / Georgia Eloise
    Elowen Magnolia / Elowen
    Maren Lucia / Maren Cecilia
    Olive Matilda -more suggestions, please!-
    Anwen Carys / Anwen Seraphine
    Josephine Lucille -more suggestions, please!-

    Also feel free to suggest other FNs that you think would fit our style! Sisters are Clementine Aurora and Estella Vivienne!
    Thank you!
    Proud mama to
    -Clementine Aurora, Estella Vivienne & Magnolia Seraphine-

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    Man this forum moves really fast!
    Proud mama to
    -Clementine Aurora, Estella Vivienne & Magnolia Seraphine-

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    much love and i are waiting for you;
    Alec Oberon / Emmett Kielder / Wilfred Fox / Nicholas Ingmar / Baez Jacoby / Hugh Emmanuel

    Alba Madeleine / Ishbel Antigone / Rosemary Oona ''Romy'' / Delphi Agnes / Beatrix Raphaela ''Bunny'' / Sybilla Briar ''Billie''

    olivia, nineteen, filmmaker & future mama
    i have a cat called shura and i live in london

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    polina ∙ 19 ∙ art history major ∙ web developer
    french/russian/swedish ∙ living in st. petersburg, russia


    in the silence of your bones and eyes
    forgotten magic sits and waits for fire

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