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    Names to get "Katie" as a nn

    My husband loves the name Katie/Kady. I do not want to use that as a first name, because I grew up with so many girls with that name. I agreed to use Katherine with Katie/Kady as a nickname, but - of course - hubby doesn't like it because of his Aunt Cathy. I can't think of other names with an obvious tie to Katie/Katy. I also want to stick with "K" as the first initial, and avoid "Cady."
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    Have you considered using Caddy instead of Katie? It is less common and really cute.

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    Leokadia (looks like a creative spelling, but Leokadia is a traditional Polish name)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lerenard View Post
    Have you considered using Caddy instead of Katie? It is less common and really cute.
    Caddy is Cadd-ee, not Katie. At least, that's how it would be in the US. Caddy is short for Cadillac. A caddy is also the assistant who carries the golf clubs at a golf course.

    I have a cousin named Katie, just Katie not Kate or Katherine or anything. I'm not a fan of it but it works for her.

    Yekaterina and Ekaterina are two others not already listed.
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