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    sunshine kid Guest

    3. The Sorceress and the Foreigner

    3: ‘A,B,C NAMING X’ Form

    Genre of Story: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: Alternative Italian Renaissance world (think 1400s)

    Brief Plot: A shapeshifter utilizes her powers to make a profit from selling secrets whilst trying to find out who killed her mentor so she can enact revenge.

    Names of Current Characters: Piera (main protagonist), Nunzia and Gasparo

    Character Description:
    Sorceress: Red, wavy hair and light blue eyes. Heritage: think ancient Greece. She is a wealthy courtesan, charming, cunning and her motives are quite unclear. She has been on this earth for a long time but still looks like she is in her late twenties. She befriends the main protagonist and there is a strong bond between the two of them. She encourages the main protagonist's feelings of contempt and anger.

    Foreigner: Think Turkish. He is a political envoy for his court, charming, youthful and witty. He loves to dress colorfully and has a great interest in rare objects. He is also great friends with the master spy Gasparo... And there are rumors he is a pirate on the side...

    Immediate Family (if relevant):
    Sorceress: N/A
    Foreigner: A sister who he mentions to the protagonist.

    Already Considered (if relevant):
    Sorceress: Sabina, Thalassa, Clymene (it might be the one)
    Foreigner: Alatan, Iskender

    Anything else?: (Any other relevant information) For these two I'm hoping to find names that do not end with an 'a' or 'o'... Mainly because many of the secondary characters will...


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    First of all, thank you for using the layout! It is way easier to understand and help someone this way, and it's much less annoying than berries pleading for a random name, giving no info at all about the story.

    Anyways, I liked these names for the Sorceress: Annora, Viveca/ Viveka, Rowena, Morwenna, Calixta/ Callixta, Beatrix/ Beatriz, Marguerite, Estelle/ Estella/ Estrella, Annika, Madelief, Zenobia, Zelia.

    For the Foreigner - Ulrich, Erasmus/ Rasmus, Ragmar, Ambrose/ Emrys, Arland, Zephram, Kier, Cillian/ Killian, Malachy, Melchior, Ozias, Viktor/ Victor.

    Best of luck! Sounds like just the type of book I'd like to read.
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    sunshine kid Guest
    Thank you! Although I do like the names you have suggested I don't think they fit their backgrounds, personality yes.

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    I don't why but I kinda like the name Clymene.
    Anyways, here are some other name ideas for the sorceress: Lamia, Circe, Agathe, Persephone, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cyane.
    For the foreigner: Emir?, Hayati, Canip, Coskur, Altuner and Atakan but I prefer Iskender though.

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    renrose Guest
    Struggling for names that don't end in 'a' or 'o' unfortunately but here's what I've got.


    Efrosyni (I love saying this.)



    If it were me I'd pick Efrosyni and Demir.
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