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    Accidental mis-spellings

    I'm not talking about kr8tif spellings here but rather unintentional / accidental misspellings.

    My Grandad, for example, registered my Uncle John's birth after working a long night shift. His birth certificate reads 'John Benjiman Parker'.

    My DH is named Dominic Gerald, but due to an error (his father claims it was an editorial error) the birth announcement in the local newspaper welcomed 'Demonic Gerald' into the world!

    Any other unfortunate errors out there?

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    A former classmate of mine named her daughter Naveah. N-A-V-E-A-H. I can't figure out if she truly just can't spell the name correctly herself or...I don't even know what happened there. But it makes me sad to think of when that baby grows up and realizes that her name is, in fact, NOT "Heaven spelled backwards" like her mother always insisted.

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    A kid I went to school with was named "Tuff", but you wouldn't believe how many times people spelled it "Tuffy."

    Here are the various spellings of my name that I've seen
    Earn (not sure how they came up with that. lol)

    Most of these were written in my yearbooks by classmates, but I didn't know my name was so hard to spell. LOL. My brother Shaun has had his named butchered several times too. One time a nurse at the doctor's office grabbed the wrong medical records. He had to have a shot that day, but thankfully the other Shawn needed the same shot. Scary stuff!
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    My Nanna's name is Merle, all because her Dad tried to fill out her birth certificate, and instead of writing Meryl Lorraine he wrote Merle!
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    My partners auntie was super tired from the long delivery of her son and spelt his middle name Iss@c instead of Isaac on the birth certificate.

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