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Thread: Hospital Bag

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    I would bring a boppy. Not necessary but it really does make breastfeeding so much easier at the beginning. We also brought a yoga ball because I wanted to use it in labor (and did).

    I second the chapstick idea also.

    Headphones or speaker for your iPod.

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    I only needed the one outfit for baby to go home...everything else was provided.

    Pillow and towels, just like someone else said, bright color towel and pillowcase so you they dont get mixed up.

    A really comfortable robe and slippers.

    I bought some travel size toiletries from aveda so I had some really nice relaxing things for that first shower (best shower ever).

    These things were amazing, someone recommended them for labor, but I never unpacked my hosp bag until after...they were still awesome for when you have people coming and need a quick refresh.

    An extra couple tote bags to take home all the extra supplies from the hospital that you can carry. Make friends with the night nurses and theyll bring you extras.
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    Take a hospital tour if you can and find out what is provided. I would have over packed if I hadn't.

    This is what I brought that I actually used:

    Robe and slippers
    Pajamas (2 pairs, just in case)
    Nursing bra (the comfortable no-wire kind)
    Hair brush and ponytails
    Other toiletries (They can provide the basics if you need them, but I preferred my own.)
    Outfit to wear home
    Outfit for baby to wear home
    Swaddling blanket for baby (for going home)
    Boppy pillow
    Bed pillow (Put it in a pretty pillowcase, not white, so they know it's yours. The hospital ones are flat and crinkley.)
    Baby book (If you're doing one, bring it and the nurse will put baby's footprints in it for you when they're doing the birth certificate.)
    Electronics and chargers (cellphone, camera, iPod for music during labor if you want it, etc.)
    Clothes and toiletries for your partner (Let them worry about that LOL!)

    Things I did NOT need because they were provided:

    Pads and underwear
    Any kinds of meds or vitamins
    Snacks (Our hospital has a 'nourishment' room with a kitchenette stocked with snacks, coffee, sodas, stuff to make sandwiches, juice, popsicles for during labor, etc. for moms and partners to use during the entire stay, so we didn't even need change for a vending machine like some people recommend.)
    Clothes, diapers, or toiletries for baby (except an outfit to wear home)
    Anything for pumping breast milk (You'll probably have no need to while in the hospital anyway, but if you do they will provide a hospital-grade pump and parts.)

    If you live close and your partner will be able to go back and forth between hospital and home to bring you things, I'd err on the side of packing less rather than too much. My hospital really did provided everything that I couldn't do without, everything else was pretty much a 'nice to have'. They send you home with a lot more stuff then you came with, so it's easier in the end if you don't bring too much.
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    I did a home birth, but ended up going to the hospital after the delivery because I had a complicated tear. We had packed bags as a back up, but there was a mix up, and my husband ended up throwing a bunch of randoms in a bag and mostly none of it I used, lol.

    Things I WISH I had we're definitely snacks, lots more wipes, my own water bottle, a brush, and lip balm. I disagree with a ton of sleepers and onesies for the baby - simply because skin to skin is so important in the first 24 hours. My babe was naked on my chest most of the time we were there. Bring one, maybe two for leaving, but leave that baby undressed and close on you!
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