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    Gaia is by far my favorite for all the reasons you listed. It has a beautiful meaning and a very accessible sound. Wonderful choice.

    Persephone is okay. I could see it working, but it just seems like SO MUCH NAME! It's long, but it's also "big" and "heavy" to me. It has a lot of weight and a lot of heft, so it would seem to me almost burdensome to use every day in full. Nicknames, of course, would help that, but I don't think Persephone has any great ones. Also, if you're a raging feminist, Persephone is probably not a character you want to emulate- she's kidnapped to the underworld with the consent of her father and then forced to marry her abductor and spend half the year with him forever, it's not exactly a feel-good story about the power of women or equality of the sexes. Demeter and Persephone get a pretty rough deal out of the whole thing, and Hades and Zeus get away scot-free.

    Lilith is my least favorite of the three. I think it's great that you want a feminist name, but picking a name that you know carries negative religious connotations for many people solely for the purpose of making a statement seems almost cruel to me. It opens your daughter up to discrimination. Of course it is wrong to discriminate against someone because of their name, but when you choose a name as weighed with religious heft as Lilith, it would be naive to think it would never happen. There are literally hundreds of strong, powerful women in literature and history you could choose- please don't pick the one that could be a burden to your child. Also, I personally don't think that ANY name from the Bible would be super feminist- it really isn't the most women-celebrating religion out there. Lilith, for example, was thrown out because of her equality to Adam- how on earth does that make the name feminist? It's a story about the oppression of a woman, and it sides with the oppressors! And yes, she may have been a victim depending on your interpretation, but she certainly didn't overcome her circumstances and wasn't powerful in the story. To me, the name is just a symbol of female oppression, not victory or equality.

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    I guess I'm in the minority but I'm not a fan of Gaia. When I was younger, there was a popular website called Gaia. (I did a quick search and apparently it's still somewhat popular. You can find it here: There was also this movie a few years ago called The Happening. Holy. Crap. It freaked me out so much that I didn't even leave the house for a few days. Basically, it's centered around the Gaia Theory that the Earth itself is a living organism and in this movie it fights back against the pollution that humans have caused by releasing a dangerous toxin or something from the plants and it's spread through the air and people die. I think it was scary because it felt like it was something that could actually happen? I don't know. Sorry for the long explanation of why I'm not a fan of the name. haha

    I really like both Lilith and Persephone. Persephone itself is a big name for a lil kiddo to carry, so I would lighten it up with a nickname, but I can imagine a very strong and intelligent woman with this name.

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    My favorite of the names is Lilith. I think it's the most versatile as a name. Second choice would be Persephone.

    Though, honestly, 90% of people wouldn't connect the name to anything religious. It's not a very well known myth. If people recognizing it for that connection is important to you I'd ask some random people IRL if they know the significance of the name. I'd bet the GREAT majority would have no clue.
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    I love Gaia & Persephone —*the latter is very long but has plenty of nickname possibilities (Penny, Percy, Perry, Sephie…).

    Personally I'm not a fan of Lilith (for aesthetic reasons), but I worry is too similar to Lily, Lillian and family which are super common ATM.
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    I love Gaia, it's a beautiful name any way you look at it! I don't think the others compare.
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