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    Madeleine vs Marianne

    DH and I went over our respective baby girl lists on the weekend, we're due in 7 weeks. We've narrowed it down to two options, both of which I can imagine on a daughter. But now I'm obsessing over them!

    Marianne Evangeline
    Madeleine Evangeline

    My obsessing: I love Marianne for it's vintage feel. It seems graceful, sweet and refreshing. But is it plain and boring? Or does it's classic quality and fact that it isn't used very often cancel out boring? We would use Annie for NN.

    I think that I like Madeleine more but it has more complicating features for me. 2 yo DD has a name that we totally love but there are 2 spellings and 2 prononciations. 50% of people both misspell and mispronounce her name all the time- even family members- which is annoying. We're setting ourselves up for this with Madeline/Madeleine. I like the NN Leni better than Maddy but also feel like we'd be fighting against Maddy.

    Would love your thoughts on Marianne vs Madeleine!

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    I love Madeleine. Madeleine is gorgeous, has so many nickname choices, and ages well. I am feeling that Evangeline as a middle name does not work with either Marianne or Madeleine. The sound and flow is off to me.

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    Marianne! It sounds fresh and lovely, while Madeleine, though pretty, is ubiquitous. I do agree that the flow of Marianne Evangeline isn't quite as good; would you consider changing the middle? If not, I would still choose Marianne anyway.
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    I love Marianne more than Madeleine, Madeleine is beautiful, but you'd definitely have issues with Maddy, unless you introduce her as Leni/Eleni. I also agree that Evangeline doesn't fit.

    If Evangeline has to stay, what about Marina Evangeline?

    Marianne Angelique (AHN-gel-eek) would work nicely too.

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    I'm guessing you're Acadian based on your user name so I understand the significance of Evangeline for you! I prefer Marianne Evangeline. I don't see (or hear) a flow problem, but in any case, how well a first name and middle name flow together is really, really insignificant in the real world (outside of name forums, that is).

    You will still get some spelling confusion with Marianne - people will spell it Marie-Anne or Mary Anne etc. - but at least you are unlikely to have people mispronouncing it when they see it on paper, as you might with Madeleine.

    I don't think you can go wrong either way as they're both very nice names, but if you really dislike Maddie I'd probably stay away from Madeleine.

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