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Thread: Erasmus!

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    What do you think?

    Full disclosure: I've had two miscarriages in the past six months. We're TTC again, but given my age (44) chances are good that I won't be naming anybody. But just in case...

    My husband suggested Erasmus half-jokingly during my last pregnancy. At first I thought it was comically quirky... then I started to like it... then I adored it. The meaning (beloved, desired) was the icing on the cake.

    Erasmus Darwin is an interesting namesake, and then there's the hero of Neal Stephenson's Anathem, Erasmas. I think Raz would be a great nickname. We live in NYC where a lot of kids have unusual names, so I'm not too concerned about teasing on that score. Middle name would be Avery, after family.

    I know this name won't be to everyone's taste, but does anyone like it but me? What associations does it bring up?

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    I do really like the sound of Erasmus, but my one hang-up with it is the prominence of the European year abroad university program. It's not a bad thing at all, but it is the first thing I think about, and my only real association with the name.

    Erasmus Avery is SO handsome!

    Also, so sorry for your previous losses, but hoping for the best of luck ttc again!
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    Thanks, Lucia! I hadn't heard of that program, so good to know.

    And thank you for your kind wishes. We're staying hopeful.

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    Erasmus is an excellent name. I'd love to see it used.
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    Thanks for the feedback, Southern Maple. It's great to see Erasmus getting support. I honestly wasn't sure it would.

    It's been given to five or six boys or fewer for the last several years.

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