View Poll Results: Which of these naming trends do you dislike?

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  • Nicknames given as legal first names

    38 23.31%
  • Parents insisting on only full name used

    14 8.59%
  • Surnames as first names

    31 19.02%
  • Place names

    23 14.11%
  • Word names (jewels, trees, plants, etc.)

    14 8.59%
  • Double/hyphenated middle names

    26 15.95%
  • Hard to spell/pronounce names

    62 38.04%
  • Male names for females

    81 49.69%
  • Made up or misspelled names

    133 81.60%
  • $ names like Cash, Chase, Royce

    71 43.56%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I voted for:

    Nicknames as full names. It just sounds way too cutesy for me, especially on an adult.
    (That being said, I generally prefer the full names anyway.) Actually, I would be one of those parents who always or mostly uses the full name and ask others to do so until they're old enough to have an opinion, at which stage it's not really up to me any more. (Pet names I do find cute and would use, but obviously that's not the same.) Ironically, my laptop and phone have names and I call them by nicknames about half the time. It makes me sad when people have beautiful full names and then go by a nickname that's okay but not all that interesting.

    I like more obscure surnames as first names- as in, something you don't hear as a surname very often even if it is technically one, e.g. Tennyson. But not Smith, Jones, etc. because it could get really confusing and I just find it... weird.

    I love double middles if the combo goes well together, but I don't like hyphenated middles. I'm not a fan of hyphenated firsts either. The really traditional ones like Anne-Marie or Mary-Jane are okay but I'd rather see them as an unhyphenated double name.

    I like some made-up names, if they sound nice. I would never dislike a name just because it was "made up", I mean, a lot of names in common usage now were made up once upon a time too. The problem for me is that a lot of made-up names sound terrible, strange, or just not name-like.

    I don't mind if names are hard/unintuitive to spell or pronounce, e.g. Roisin. Variant spellings are okay too as long as it's still recognizable as whatever name it is... But a combination of the two- misspelled to the point the pronunciation is unintuitive or impossible to guess- drives me nuts. Especially when it's not even phonetically correct- I'd say Alycesaundra like a combination of Alice and Sondra, not like Alexandra!

    I don't like money names or random word names either- many nature names are fine, but obviously something like Windowsill is not! I don't like brand names either, it makes your child sound like a product. (Though I do love the sound of Gucci and Versace.)
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    I'm iffy on parents insisting on full names. Personally, I wouldn't use a name if I can't stand any of the nicknames. So I wonder why you'd use Christopher if you hate Chris. On the other hand, if I've chosen a name it's because I love it so I'd like it to be used. I love Linden, no nn. If people call him/her Lyn/Lindy/Denny then I won't like it but I won't police it.

    Boy names on girls don't bother me in and of themselves. The excuses of some people are what annoys me. It's so one-sided. "I want to name my daughter Patrick to honor my dad. I want to use his full name, not a feminization", yet they would never be so adamant about naming their son Angela to honor their mom. He may get Angelo or Andrew but no way would he be Angela. Why be so rigid in one case but not the other?
    - I also hate the 'I didn't know it was a boy name' excuse. So you're admitting you did zero research on the name you stuck your kid with for at least 18 years? Very responsible.
    - I really really hate when the boy-name-on-girl crowd discourages people from using names on boys. So not only are they using men's names but they're actively trying to diminish their usage on boys. As much as I love Jasper for a girl, I'd never say 'it's girly' or try to sway someone from using it for a boy.

    Quote Originally Posted by vasilisa View Post
    Absurdly violent, hyper-macho names: Wrecker, Breaker, Hunter. The only Hunter I know is a pretty disturbed and violent kid, which doesn't help.
    Yes, I dislike the machismo-type names. What if Rykker doesn't fit the parents expectations, which are clearly that he will be a rough and tumble boy and grow into a 'manly' man?

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    Place names -- Depends on the place. Georgia, Carolina, and Alberta? They're fine. Bismark, Sweden, and Jamaica? Over the top unless you have an actual connection to the place. Even then, it's best as a middle name.
    Male names for females -- If you're not going to name your son Sue, don't name your daughter James!
    Made up or misspelled names -- I don't have a problem with slight misspellings, like Norah instead of Nora. But spelled Noarha it's rather ridiculous and makes you (and your child by proxy) look uneducated.
    $ names like Cash, Chase, Royce -- They just sound silly.

    I also agree with the hyper-macho names!
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    Place names aren't my style, though I love word names. It's just a personal preference.
    Made up and misspelled names can be the absolute worst. I don't get why you would pick a trending name, then misspell it in order to be unique. Just pick something less common.
    Names like Cash. I would group this with Bentley, Hunter, Colton, Nash, Jaxon, etc. Very rural south.

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    My biggest peeves are...

    Made up spellings: Little flares because of a language difference like Alejandra vs Alexandra is fine. Alliksandorah is not.
    Surnames as first names: I'm so tired of Jackson, Samson, Madison, Addison, Anderson etc (especially if it's a girl!)
    Hard to spell/pronounce or with nonintuitive spellings for a native English speaker who hasn't seen the name before: This includes some common names like Phoebe, Isaac, Zoe, etc. I also get bothered by words like February or Wednesday, so I'm probably just a weirdo on that one. Hah!

    Also very tired of girl names that end in "a" and any name than ends in "en"/"an"/"on"... Though I am as guilty as the rest because I like Alma and Hannah, and Alan and Simon. I just wish the SS top 5 lists weren't so harshly dominated by them in the last 5-10 years.

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