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Thread: Opinions?

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    Castle - Male
    Fantasia - Female, Middle Name
    Lucky - Male, Middle Name
    Dove- Female
    Glacier - Either
    Night - Female, Middle Name
    Texas - Female
    Amity - Female
    Peace - Either
    Temperance - Male, Middle Name
    Venice - Male
    Rosepetal - Female, Middle Name
    Moonchild - Male, Middle Name
    Pegasus - Male, Middle Name
    Compassion - Female, Middle Name
    Barrow- Male, Middle Name
    Chartreuse - Female, first/middle name
    Periwinkle - Either , middle name
    Valley - Female
    Earth - Either
    Atlantis - - male ,middle name
    Cinnamon - male middle name
    Poseidon - male middle name
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    I personally don't like any of them.

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    I love Amity! I think Dove could possibly work. For middle names, I think you can go wild, but I prefer a very out there middle with a more traditional first name for balance. So I like Amity Kate or Anna Compassion, but not Amity Compassion. I think it just gets to be too much, and there's no "fall back name" if the child wants to have a more common/less common name to use.

    A lot of these names are extraordinarily unusual, which I would caution against as a first name. Some of the names are not just unusual, but also have some bad metaphorical connotations. Glacier, for example, is associated with coldness and (via Glacial) extreme slowness. Night often carries the literary association of darkness and despair, as in Elie Wiesel's book "Night," an account of his time in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Of course, Night is too common a word for that to be everyone's first assumption, but I'm sure the word was chosen for its dismal connotations.

    Some of these names can be abstracted a bit. Peace, for example, could be replaced with Paz, Pax, Frieda, Salama, Salim, any variant of Irene, Mira, Miran, Pace, Salome, or Shalom. I like the more subtle (but still obvious) versions Pax and Shalom. People generally know what they mean, but they aren't as aggressively word names.

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    I love Dove as a middle name. I prefer Pax to Peace. As a whole we have very different tastes in names. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all allowed to have our own likes and dislikes.

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    Amity - love this one!
    Valley - okay, I could handle it
    Dove- cute middle
    Barrow- okay, I could handle this. I love Clarrow for a girl

    Castle - cool as a middle, too much for me as a first
    Peace - meh, as a middle, maybe okay
    Atlantis - meh, could be worse but I don't like it

    Fantasia - yikes, no, sounds like a joke stripper
    Lucky - Dog.
    Glacier - unpleasant, like using Iceburg.
    Night - unpleasant
    Temperance - don't like it
    Venice - don't like it
    Rosepetal - stupid
    Moonchild - stupid
    Pegasus - with sister Unicorn? no
    Compassion - no
    Texas - horrible
    Chartreuse - no
    Periwinkle - has to tinkle
    Earth - ??
    Cinnamon - great dog/cat name
    Poseidon - no
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