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    Do you prefer more traditional names or something unique?

    I think it's safe to say from my list I prefer names that out out there. I think it comes from being given such a name as Navy myself I can't see me naming my child something like Sarah or Elizabeth.
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    I will always choose something unique over something traditional. I love your name, Btw! I love the sound of Elizabeth, but would always choose something like Eliza or Liza instead. I consider my name so boring, and there was always another Stephanie, so I always gravitate toward names that are unique.
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    I think I fall somewhere in the middle. While I did feel at times that my name (Rachel) was a bit boring and wished I could have a more individual name, I do appreciate it's good points. I had a friend at school named Leonie whose name was forever being misspelled, mispronounced or mixed up with other names and I'm glad I never had any of those issues with my own name.
    Therefore I tend to go for names that are fairly traditional or familiar but are not really popular. Names like - Clara, Serena, Helena, Theo and Dominic.

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    I feel that neither traditional or unique are 'bad' but I tend to look for a 'sturdy' sounding name, with a little something interesting. Nothing too unusual that it would make people question, really... but not something where they'll have to go by their first name and last initial either. (as an Amanda born in the 1980s there were at least 3 of us in my classes throughout school so we all went by nicknames or Amanda S, etc.)
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    I like names that people have maybe heard of but not often. Things like Leona, Flora, Mabel, Vivian, or Zelda for girls and August or Barnaby for boys. I guess I'd say unique because traditional names like John, Mary, Sarah, or Thomas have absolutely zero appeal to me. I can appreciate their history and, well, tradition but I wouldn't use them for my child - I was one of 5 "Katelyns" in my graduating class of 150 (not all spelled the same) and that's not even a classic name.
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