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Thread: Opinions?

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    They are all OK as a middle names.
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    Personally, I don't like any of these names, and would never use them, even for a middle name.

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    Castle - nice!
    Lucky - it's a personal gp
    Dove- beautiful and uncommon bird name
    Glacier - nice!
    Night - love it and for a boy I like Night/Knight
    Rosepetal - my mom has a cousin named Rosebud
    Barrow- Male, Middle Name
    Cinnamon- there's a newscaster (female) here named Cinnamon. Cimarron feels slightly more masculine

    Amity - it's OK. I don't get the hype
    Peace - only as a mn; it doesn't sound right as a fn. Pax or Paz would be better
    Chartreuse - only as a mn

    Fantasia - sounds tacky
    Texas - not into state names but Texas feels masculine. There is an actor named Texas Battle and the nn Tex is pretty common in the South. If she's on the chunky side she'll hear a lot of 'everything's bigger in Texas' jokes.
    Moonchild - seems like a faux hippie 'try hard' name

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    I like Valley, I had a childhood friend when I lived in Panama named that, different spelling and of course a Spanish pronunciation.

    Everything else is just NO. They are either pet names, stripper names, or just bad.
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    Castle - No. I don't even think it makes sense as a name.
    Fantasia - Stripper
    Lucky - Dog
    Dove- Maybe cute as a middle. Otherwise no
    Glacier - Again, I don't even think this makes sense as a name
    Night - No
    Texas - No. So many Texas jokes made already, I can't imagine if some poor child was named Texas
    Amity - I like it. I knew an Amity when I was a teenager.
    Peace - Maybe as a middle.
    Temperance - Too Puritanical for me
    Venice - NO. Not for a boy. I know 2 girls named Venice (one as a fn, one as a mn). It's 100% feminine to me
    Rosepetal - Ew
    Moonchild - Ew. Come on now. That's no better than Moon Unit or Diva Thin Muffin Pidgen.
    Pegasus - Dog
    Compassion - No
    Barrow- No
    Chartreuse - Terrible
    Periwinkle - Have you thought about yelling the name "Periwinkle" out on a playground?
    Valley - Pretty word, but it doesn't work as a name.
    Earth - No
    Atlantis - - I prefer Atlas. But Atlantis could work, only as a middle
    Cinnamon - DOG
    Poseidon - Middle only, perhaps. I think it's too grand of a name to slap on a child, though.

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