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    Feminine forms of John...

    DH and I agreed a long time ago that our next baby (if a boy) would have the middle name John (family name, all our kids have family middle names). We haven't yet decided what will happen if our next baby is a girl though! We're thinking Jane, but I'm a bit meh about it. Any suggestions? This is what I've come up with so far:

    Jean (not really related, but also a family name and it's close)
    Johnna (not a fan)
    Jana (not a fan)

    Jenna/Jennifer may also sound similar, but NO chance of either of these. Hate them. Joan is also out, because we know too many Joans as friends and we want to stick with family names. ;-)

    Thank you in advance! Oh, I should also add that we have no real contenders for first names yet, so I'm thinking of making a short list of possible John-variations to narrow down later.

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    June? Janet? Janice? I'm really not sure!
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    My favourite feminine version of John is Jane. Jean is a French male version of John but it's also used for girls as well. It's short, sweet and simple. There is also versions in other cultures as well.

    French - Jeanne, Jeanette/Jeannette, Jeanine/Jeannine or medieval French - Jehanne
    Spanish - Juana/Juanita
    Italian - Gianna/Giovanna
    Irish - Sinead (Jane)/Siobhan/Shona (Joan)
    Scottish - Sine/Sheena
    Welsh - Sian
    Greek - Ioanna
    Swedish - Janna, Jannicke/Jannike
    Eastern Europe - Jana, Ivana/Ivanka
    Russian - Zhanna
    Polish - Janina
    Latin - Johanna
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    To be honest, I much prefer Jane to any other names you've listed. It's simple, yet chic.
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    Jane is my favorite. It's simple, elegant, strong, and feminine. I would suggest pairing it with a long, unusual middle name to give it some flair.

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