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    Middles for Lucian and Jasper

    I decided to start this off as a new thread, since my last one was more of an announcement that we picked Jasper to go with Lucian.

    Here are some of the ideas we like:

    Lucian James and Jasper Leo (not so sure about this. James is the only J name we like paired with Lucian so far, but it is a random pick and seems a little plain for us).

    Lucian Alexander and Jasper Leo

    Lucian Atticus and Jasper Leo

    Lucian Alexander and Jasper William

    All input is welcome. Feel free to suggest more combos. Thank you for the help you have given so far!

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    First off: I love Lucian and Jasper. What a great two-some. Bravo!! Both so handsome and yet distinct I love it.
    Second - a few observations: a) Honestly, I’m not sure how James is more plain that Leo or William. They all seem to come from the same classic name pot in my mind. b) Your first combos are inverted a LJ and JL. Is that something you want to stick with?

    Lucian Jeremiah
    Lucian Jael
    Lucian Joaquin
    Lucian Julius
    Jasper Leonidas
    Jasper Logan
    Jasper Loren
    Jasper Lazar

    Lucian Yarrow and Jasper Oberon
    Lucian Pascale and Jasper Sebastian
    Lucian Maverick and Jasper Hawthorne
    Lucian Zane and Jasper Felix
    Lucian Cedric and Jasper Eoin
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    Lucian Yarrow and Jasper Oberon--lexlem, these are gorgeous.....If youre going the LJ, JL way, I vote Lucian Jeremiah and Jasper Leonidas

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    Oh, I'm so glad you liked the suggestions I posted on your other thread! So clearly I'm biased a little. Such amazing names, my favourites :

    Lucian Alexander & Jasper Leo
    Lucian Atticus & Jasper Leo

    Don't pick James just because of the "J" if you're not in love with it! Though I think James is a great name.
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    I love Luican and Jasper togeter and I think having flipped initials is pretty cute and a sweet way to and subtle way to link your twins here are a few middle names for Lucian that start with J that you may love

    Lucian Joel
    Lucian Jonas
    Lucian Jonah
    Lucian Jacob
    Lucian Joshua

    A few other suggestions that don't start with J that I personally love
    Lucian Xavier
    Lucian Cole
    Lucian Gray

    I also think Lucian Atticus and Lucian Alexander great names and congrats and your twins.
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