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    please rate my current boy list from 1 - 5 .

    Hey all

    Thanks for your opinions on my girl list . I have a update boy list too and I would love to see your rates with five the hightest & one the lowest

    My list :

    Augustus nn Gus

    TIA .
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    Quentin - 5
    Edward - 5
    Amadeus - 3
    Deveraux - 3
    Lucian - 2
    Vasiliy - 1
    Augustus - 3
    Wolf - 2
    Gideon - 1

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    Is 5 the highest, or is 1? I'm going to assume 5 is.

    Quentin- 5 A wonderful name, which I've rarely seen.
    Edward- 5 I'm not a fan of Ed or Eddy, but Ned makes this name awesome.
    Amadeus- 2 Meh. It's a bit too eccentric... like I think of a kid with crazy hair running through the halls.
    Deveraux- 1 That's a lot of name, and it makes me a bit scared to pronounce. It could work as a middle name, though.
    Lucian- 3
    Vasiliy- 1 Vaseline.
    Augustus nn Gus- 4 I love Augustus, although Gus is not my fav.
    Wolf- 1 I'm not really a fan of animal names for humans.
    Gideon- 5 This name simply appeals to me a lot. For me, it's a sweet spot name that I haven't seen in real life... but would fit right into the modern world.
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    I've picked my top 5 from your list, with 1 being my favourite:
    1. Gideon
    2. Edward
    3. Lucian
    4. Quentin
    5. Augustus
    I also like Wolf (but more as a middle name), and Deveraux (though I'm not sure how it would work in real life).

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    Meri : thanks I am glad you like Edward & Quentin . They are my favorites too .
    Tfzolghadr : thanks . Vasiliy too close of Vaseline ?? I haven't thought of that . I am glad then I don't live on USA because my name is too close on Vaseline too lol .
    Kirstenlouise : thanks I really like your top five .
    And so being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Belle {Vasiliki}, 20.
    & Kaz, Atlas.

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