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    Castiel & Eleanor... What do you think?

    My husband and I really love both of these names... We've always loved Eleanor (a family name) and just recently decided we also both love Castiel. We had a list of names we've liked for a long time, but they are all way too common and I just really don't want our future kids to have five other kids with the same name in their grade at school (Oliver, Noah and Isabel) What do you think about this sibset? Have any names that you thing sound great with these two? Think these two don't match well enough? Or do you have any uncommon cute names that I can still use the nickname Izzy for? Thanks for the help!

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    I prefer Eleanor.
    Izzy for Isadora, Eliza, Elizabeth, Isolda, Aisla

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    I like Eleanor! A few years ago I knew a family with a little girl they called Eleanor Rose. I've always thought that was a beautiful double name. I also like Castiel. It's not perfect with Eleanor, but it goes.

    Names I like with Eleanor:
    Caspian - similar to Castiel, but the common n sound helps it flow better with Eleanor I think
    Oscar - same o beginning as Oliver, but less popular
    Jonah - similar to Noah in sound and biblical origin, but less popular

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    I do really like Eleanor Rose! Very cute mn! I'm thinking since they both have an el sound in them it helps them match even better. I'm thinking we will use the nicknames Ella and Cass... I like Oscar, but don't think I could ever name a kid that, I use to have a sweet dog named Oscar. We did look at other similar Cass names, including Cassiel, but decided this is our favorite. I'm glad other people agree that these two sound good together!

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    I LOVE the name Castiel, but unfortunately it isn't a real name. It was created by the writers of the CW show Supernatural for one of their main characters, who's an angel.
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