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    Good Morning Berries!

    I've been working on my lists, creating combos based on my favorite names. This isn't for the baby girl I'm expecting this June - just for my general list - as her name is 99% set to be Aurelia Eloise.

    Either way, I'm looking for your general thoughts, opinions, associations and even rearrangements and suggestions! Anything I haven't noticed, issues with the flow or sounds, etc. Thank You!

    Aurelia Carson
    Madigan Louise (Maggie)
    Rowan Amelia
    Ever Adeline
    Romilly Piper (Remy)
    Wren Delilah
    Maeva Jude
    Eleni Meadow
    Noa Carrigan
    Eloise Briar (Lola)
    Esme Bianca
    Palmer Elise
    Mila Seren
    Hazel Grier
    Bay Josephine
    Collins Amelie
    Ramsay Elowen
    Sutton Liesl
    Ottilie Maren
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    Aurelia Eloise is a lovely name, and congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

    As for your list, I love so many of them!

    Aurelia Carsen - not a fan of Carsen, especially spelled with an 'e' (prefer Carson) but Aurelia is gorgeous!
    Madigan Louise (Maggie) - I love this! Maggie is a gorgeous feminine nickname too, definitely brings to mind a spunky kid!
    Rowan Amelia - love this so much!
    Ever Adeline - adore Ever, Adeline is alright.
    Romilly Piper (Remy) - Romilly Piper is beautiful, the names work great together!!
    Wren Delilah - personally I don't think this flows as well as it could, maybe because when it's said aloud it sounds like one whole name (at least to me?). I think a middle name beginning with a vowel (Anneliese is one that comes to mind) would sound better.
    Maeva Jude - adore this!
    Eleni Meadow - not a personal fan of either of the names but that's just my opinion.
    Noa Carrigan - not in love with Noa(h) as a girl's name but if you were to use this name, the spelling without the 'h' is definitely preferential for a little girl!
    Eloise Briar (Lola) - so cute, love Lola as a nickname too!
    Esme Bianca - prefer the names separately but still gorgeous!
    Palmer Elise - not really a fan of Palmer for a girl, Elise is lovely
    Mila Seren - beautiful!
    Hazel Grier - love this one so so much!
    Bay Josephine - I don't like Bay as a first name, I would prefer this the other way around, as Josephine Bay.
    Collins Amelie - once again, just personally not too keen on the surname first name for little girls. The other way around would be gorgeous!
    Ramsay Elowen - Ramsay however I don't mind for a little girl actually! Still like Elowen Ramsay a little better though.
    Sutton Leisl - love Sutton, not a fan of Leisl (Liesl?)
    Ottilie Maren - love this one!

    Hope my input helped Your list has some amazing names on it!
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    .... first, I apologize for my typos! I was on a different computer than I am used to and my fingers got away from me! (I've edited to correct a few of the spelling errors!!)

    I completely agree about Wren Delilah... Wren has given me the most trouble. Wren Anneliese is pretty, but is a bit 'n' heavy for my personally. What about Wren Amelia? Or Wren Olivia?

    Agatha Louise - 'Aggie'
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    Expecting First Biological Child - Little Girl - June 2014

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    Aurelia Eloise is so adorable!

    Aurelia Carson-- Stick with Eloise
    Madigan Louise (Maggie)--- It's cute.
    Rowan Amelia-- Very sweet, I like this a lot.
    Ever Adeline-- I LOVE this!!!!
    Romilly Piper (Remy)-- I normally wouldn't like Romilly, but with Piper I do.
    Wren Delilah-- I prefer Delilah Wren. Or Dahlia Wren?
    Maeva Jude-- I prefer Maeva June.
    Eleni Meadow-- Not liking Eleni.
    Noa Carrigan-- A little TOO tomboyish. One of the two names needs a girlier one to be paired with.
    Eloise Briar (Lola)-- I've never really liked Briar. Doesn't have a pleasant image for me.
    Esme Bianca-- I don't like Bianca with Esme. They don't match at all.
    Palmer Elise-- This is sweet! Tomboyish with a feminine flair.
    Mila Seren-- I don't like Seren, but I do like Mila.
    Hazel Grier-- Not feeling these two together.
    Bay Josephine-- See above ^^
    Collins Amelie-- Awh! Collins was my late grandmother's middle name so I love it! And paired with Amelie it's perfect.
    Ramsay Elowen-- This and Esme Bianca is my least favorite combo.
    Sutton Liesl--- Sutton Elise would sound better.
    Ottilie Maren--- Hmm. This could grow on me.
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