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    Trouble picking a name to go with a very long Italian last name

    We are due with our second boy in less than 3 months but we are having such a hard time deciding on a name this time. Our first is Luke Christopher with a long Italian last name (4 syllables, ugh). With that being said I love short names. Originally I wanted to name my first Jack but I felt it was too popular so went with Luke. I still like Jack (Samuel) but it's still very popular and my family members are chiming in that they don't like it. I also really like Liam a lot but I'm afraid it sounds too Irish and silly with my last name. My husband actually has a large Irish maternal side but doesn't carry that last name obviously. The only other name we are considering is Charlie, which I love but can't stand the sound of Charles. Does anyone have any constructive opinions that may help us decide? Thanks!!!

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