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    Help us name our 2nd son!

    Hi all, We are expecting our second son in June and are trying to narrow down our name choices. Our first son was very easy to name but this little guy is proving a lot harder. Could you please let me know your favorite(s) and least favorite(s) from our list?
    A few things to keep in mind: His middle name will be Christopher, his brother is Aedan James, and our last name rhymes with Epstein. Thanks in advance!

    Names we both like:
    August Christopher (I like the softness of August with the more classically masculine Christopher)
    Birch Christopher (This was the front runner for a while until DH said it reminded him of both burp and belch. He said we could still use it but is he always going to associate our son with burping?!)
    Finnian Christopher (Another pretty Irish name that goes well with Aedan)
    Corin Christopher (Too alliterative?)

    Names DH likes: I like most of these too just not sure if they're "too much"
    Nathaniel Christopher (A mouthful. Also I hate the nn Nate)
    Balthazar Christopher (Too weird?)
    Ulysses Christopher (Meh. Sounds too formal to me)
    Sawyer Christopher (Too popular? I just think of LOST)

    Names I like: DH could potentially get on board with any of these if I really fought for it
    Caleb Christopher (Again, too alliterative?)
    Ronan Christopher (Another strong Irish name)
    Greyson Christopher (I love the nn Grey)
    Satchel Christopher (Don't know if it flows too well)
    Ansel Christopher (Too unusual?)

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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    I think Finnian Christopher goes great with Aedan James. But my favorite over all is Ronan Christopher. My least favorites are Balthazar, Ulysses and Ansel. They are just kind of out there, imo. You have much better choices than those three. All four of the ones you both agree on are great!
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    With Aedan, I like Finnian and Ronan the best. August, Caleb, and Corin are pretty as well.
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    I love Ansel Christopher with Aedan James! Might be a bit too matchy, but somehow I still really like how they sound together! I don't consider Ansel too out there. It may be unusual, but it's familiar and, I think, easy to spell and pronounce.
    I also like Birch Christopher.

    My least favorites are Corin Christopher and Caleb Christopher.
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    You obviously don't care about shared "A" initials or similar "n" endings so neither will I.

    Faves with Aedan James - August, Finnian, Ronan, Corin and Sawyer (the last two aren't the best with the mn but we rarely use our mn's in real life so it's not a big issue). Finnian and Ronan have the same Celtic flair as Aedan.

    Least liked with Aedan - I love the names but the longer choices like Ulysses, Balthazar and Nathaniel just don't seem right with his name. I would avoid names with a strong "ay" sound like Caleb and Greyson as they're too matchy in sound with Aedan James. Ansel is a good name but the beginning syllable "an" is at the end of Aedan's name. Satchel is a bag and Birch is a tree so I'm not feeling those names for Aedan's sibling.
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