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Thread: "Tweak, Tweak"

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    "Tweak, Tweak"

    I am still trying to work on a name combination that sounds right with Caspian.

    At the moment, the leading combination is, Caspian Atlas Locke (3-2-1-3).

    Explanation of the names:

    1. I just love the name Caspian. No matter how many times I write | type | say it -- I never get tired of this name. Which is very surprising for me. I cannot picture my first son with any other name.
    2. Caspian : contains Ian (the Scottish version of my dad's name), which is a hidden way of honoring him.
    3. It has to be the initials C. A. L. -- it's very important to me, because it is a family name that connects to my Grandma.
    4. Atlas : One of my mom's favorite songs is "At Last" by Etta James. Every since I was little, I could remember her playing this song. So, I thought Atlas, could be a cool, but somewhat secretive way of letting it honor her. When I try to honor her with other names, she basically rejects it. Lol
    5. My mom's name starts with the letter "A". Which is why all my children will have an "A" middle name -- that will also help continue a family tradition.
    6. Locke : Is part of my maternal surname.
    7. Here is one of my main concerns: My last name contains -as, but is pronounced differently than the -as in Caspian and Atlas. Do you think the -as sound could make the name seem a bit repetitive in sound and spelling? (Three syllables, starts with "W".
    8. Any other combination ideas that may work with Caspian, but still have the initials C. A. L.? Basically, should I tweak the name for it to work better?

    {Not pregnant or trying to conceive, but I would still like your help and opinions.} --Sorry for the long text--

    Thanks in advance Berries!

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    It's a handsome combination. Caspian is beautiful, Locke is cool - are you related to John Locke? I'm not a big fan of Atlas - the "carrying the world on his shoulders" thing makes my neck hurt to think about. But the cartography connection is neat, and the mountain range... "Atlas" from Etta James' "At Last" to honor your mother because she loves the song does seem a little contrived to me. But it's a secret honoring name, so if it reminds you of your mother and you like it, I guess that's all that matters.
    I don't mind the repeated "as" sounds, especially since you've got Locke between them. Besides, Caspian has an "ass" sound and Atlas an "iss" sound.

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    I really like Caspian Atlas Locke. It's packed with meaning for you and the flow is good. I can't imagine how you could find a better combo. I said it out loud with my 3 syllable last name that starts with "w" and contains "es" and it sounded fine, not repetitive at all unless you really think about it, and then it's just kinda cool, not a problem. As far as visually, I didn't even realize Caspian and Atlas both had "as" in them until you pointed it out. There are plenty of letters between that it doesn't stand out, with Locke between Atlas and your last name it would be the same way. Not noticeable unless you think about it.
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    No, I am not related to a John Locke. The -lock connection is only part of my mom's maiden name, and I just choose to add the -e. For instance, Locksley or Sherlock and took the Lock(e).

    Thanks for the opinions so far.

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    I really like your combo. I can't express how much I love Caspian, and I also love Greek mythological names, so Atlas is great! And Locke and Atlas are really good, but subtle ways of honouring your mother (plus Locke reminds me of Sherlock, which is an added bonus).
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