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    Eamon- I like this one. I like the sound.
    Tiago- This seems like a pet's name to me
    Cooper- again, seems like a pet's name. But I guess it could work on the right kid.
    Jack- I really have grown fond of Jack recently. I really like it.
    Jago- I can't picture a real person with this name.
    Flynn- I like. It is simple and masculine. I like Finn better, but Flynn is nice too.
    Archer- eh. I don't like it, but I don't dislike it either.
    Lincoln- LOVE. I wish I could use it, but my family hates it. I love the sound and the look.
    Asher- LOVE. Again, the sound and the look is great.
    Alfie- Too nicknamey for me.
    Taylor- I like Taylor for a boy (better than for a girl). I like Taylor because it is cool and effortless.
    Finnian- I don't like the sound. I prefer Finnegan, Finnian sounds like you are missing a few letters, awkward.
    Baxter- My neighbor has a dog named Baxter. So I can't picture Baxter on a human.
    Jasper- LOVE. It is classic and modern at he same time. I love the sound and look of the name.
    Lawson- I really like this. Like Lincoln and Taylor, it feels effortless and cool to me.
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    Eamon--I love Eamon; it's on my list. The problem is that I think I prefer the original English Edmund.
    Tiago--I finally had to look this up, and it makes sense that it's a variation of Santiago. It's unusual and rather dashing. It's Spanish-sounding enough, though, that I would be rather startled to meet brothers named Eamon and Tiago--unless the parents were Irish and Spanish.
    Cooper--In spite of Gary Cooper, I don't care for this one. The occupational-surname names don't make a lot of sense to me as firsts unless they're family or honor names, and I don't like the sound of Cooper. It means barrel-maker, and it sounds like a barrel.
    Jack--I like Jack; it's crisp and sturdy and familiar, though a little too popular for me.
    Jago--Interesting. Again, I would expect a Jago to be Spanish or Hispanic.
    Flynn--It's all right. I wonder if the Disney movie Tangled is boosting Flynn. I think I prefer Finn.
    Archer--Cool but trendy.
    Lincoln--Ditto above.
    Asher--Ditto above, though I prefer Asher to Archer, especially with nn Ash.
    Alfie--Not my thing. It's all right as a little-boy nn for Alfred, but I don't like it alone.
    Taylor--It gives me much the same feeling as Cooper, besides being unisex and feeling dated.
    Finnian--I like this one.
    Baxter--Better than Cooper or Taylor, with its rarity and its cool X, but still not my thing.
    Jasper--I love Jasper, which is a bit strange considering I just came down pretty hard on the other -er names. I wish it wasn't shooting up the charts so fast. I had to get over Jasper from 101 Dalmatians, but once I did I started loving it more and more.
    Lawson--I know a little girl named Lawson, so even though I think it's very masculine-sounding, I think of her when I hear it. Not too bad, but not my thing.

    So my favorites are Eamon, Jack, Asher, Finnian and Jasper. Good luck with your list!
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    thank you all
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    Tiago- Honestly, I think of Iago. Which I know has a different literary reference, however I grew up with Iago from Aladdin :/
    Cooper- Like it
    Jack- Top 3 name for me!
    Jago- How would you pronounce this? either way I think it sounds like a nickname, maybe a middle name.
    Flynn-I like this as a middle name
    Archer- Love it
    Lincoln-Love it
    Asher-Its just ok. No real opinion.
    Alfie- nope
    Taylor- Its a safe name.
    Finnian- Im not a fan.
    Baxter- sounds like a dog.
    Jasper- Its ok. Reminds me of Twilight unfortunately
    Lawson- This is too close to a last name for me

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    Jack, Lincoln, Baxter!! However, Jack is too popular for me. I was going to name my son Jack, but it's in the top 15 or something right now and I don't like that. But otherwise, those are my 2 cents. Good luck!

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